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Why Does Giving Matter?

What are the most valuable things in your life? For me, in monetary terms, it’d be my car, guitar, and computer. Giving up any of those would be pretty major for me, but far greater than the value of any material resources is the value of the people I love. Sometimes you don’t know what […]

That Awkward Moment When Planned Parenthood Says They Care

“Care. No matter what.” That’s the motto of Planned Parenthood, plastered right there at the top of their website in bright, bold letters. Whenever pro-life legislation lands on a governor’s desk or legislators threaten to cut off taxpayer funding to clinics that offer abortion services, abortion groups like Planned Parenthood woefully cry that their only […]

Abortion and Knee Surgery Are the Same – Right?

Rewire recently published an interesting piece on the state of women making decisions about abortion. The article, written by Nicole Knight, is titled, “New Research Eviscerates Widespread Anti-Choice Myth.” Ah, don’t you just love loaded language? The “research” they cite refers to a study that shows that women feel more certain about their decision to […]

3 Ways to Transform Your #GivingTuesday

This Tuesday, November 29th is the 5th annual #GivingTuesday. But what is this day really about and how does giving actually make a difference? #GivingTuesday jumps off the charitable season by celebrating and encouraging giving and philanthropy. At Save the Storks we focus on love, compassion, and action. All year long we work with our pregnancy center […]

We’re Stronger Together

At Save the Storks, we believe the command to love is a call to action. Whenever we face an injustice, we have to make a decision. Unless we turn away in apathy, we must choose between a spirit of anger or a spirit of grief and brokenness. And in turning to grief and brokenness, we […]

3 Ways Pregnancy Centers Treat Women Better Than Society Does

Society likes to think they are pro-woman, but from the wage gap to cultural stigmas, I think more and more we are realizing that’s not necessarily true. However, pregnancy resource centers often strive to fight this stigma by truly empowering women. This month, my friend Josh, a 20 something, male, Executive Director at a pregnancy resource […]

Why True Feminists Are Pro-Life

Daniel Payne wrote for the Federalist earlier this month that it is impossible to be a feminist and be pro-life. While this sentiment is shared by many who find their pro-life values constantly attacked by feminists, it simply isn’t true. As we’ve written previously here at Save the Storks, pro-lifers may in fact be in […]

Giving Tuesday – And Beyond!

Help us turn $25,000 into $50,000 by next Friday! Earlier this week, on Giving Tuesday, Save the Storks set an exciting goal to raise $25,000. A generous donor with a big heart for the work we do here at Save the Storks agreed to extend their match – up to $25,000 – until next Friday, […]