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Choosing Life for My Daughter – Discovering What it Means to Live.

It was December of 2006 when I found out I was four months pregnant. Like many girls facing this same uncertain situation, I immediately felt like I had to consider all my options. Unsure what those options were and the impact that the choice would have, not only for me but most importantly for my […]

What it Means to be Pro-life: Our Journey to Foster Care

Part of being pro-life is not only supporting mothers through their pregnancies, but caring for orphans and the children within the foster care system. I recently interviewed a dear friend who has been fostering for about 5 months. May you really hear her heart and “find your something.” Tell me about why you chose to […]

What It’s Like To Be Adopted: My Story as an Adopted Adult

Hi. My name is Caley. I have unruly red hair, brownish eyes (people say, “Did you know your eyes match your hair?!), and freckles. I feel most alive when I’m outdoors or making something with my hands. I describe things in my head when I’m alone, thinking of how I’d write them if someone were […]

Here’s How You Can Practice Compassion and Offer Hope

I had something happen to me a few weeks ago that forced me to both look at and accept the views I have about pregnancy. It seems that almost every semester I learn that one of my students is expecting a baby. This last semester, two of my male students’ wives gave birth, and I […]

Daria’s Story

The following story comes from The Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford in Rockford, IL. “How did I get here?” I asked myself. I was standing in the bathroom of a gas station with a pregnancy test sitting on the lid of the trash receptacle next to me. I watched as the symbols slowly appeared on […]

Abortion, Adoption & the Heroes I Met Along the Way

We live in a society where we are taught a huge lie, that sex is like a drug and one of the side effects of that drug is a child. Sex has become one of the main ingredients in selling movies and music videos. Our kids’ childhood heroes aren’t read about in books anymore, they […]

Adopt a Love Story

Since November is National Adoption month, we’ve been featuring a variety of adoption stories. Today, on the last day of this month, we want to share about an organization that is very near and dear to our hearts. Adopt A Love Story empowers families to overcome the financial obstacles to adoption by providing them with […]

When Women Don’t Have a Choice

The following was written by Deborah Muse, an English Instructor at Crowder College in Webb City, Missouri. As women in the United States, most of us have a myriad of choices. We pride ourselves on making choices because our choices give us some sense of independence, self-worth, and control over our lives. This all sounds […]

How to Make Abortion-Vulnerable Women Feel Safe

My junior year in college, I was a dorm resident assistant. This meant I got a break on room and board, and was responsible for the girls who lived on my floor. I tried to develop relationships, help the girls with whatever they needed, plan events, and just generally be available for anything and everything […]

Sherri’s Story

The following story comes from Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon in Rincon, GA My name is Sherri. I am 21 year old full-time student working my way through college. It’s nothing short of exhausting! With the constant pressure of school, my pregnancy was definitely an added burden. How would I have the time to raise […]

How Coffee With a Stranger Changed My Life

30 years ago I was already the single mother of a nine-year-old daughter that I had at age 17, and not making great choices in my life. I found myself pregnant once again as a 26 year old, and the father of the baby made it abundantly clear that he wanted no part of that […]

Susi’s Story

My name is Susi and I’m 25 years old. I have a daughter and son from a previous marriage, and remarried a few months ago. Recently I found out I was pregnant – this was definitely a surprise.The shock didn’t last but the fear did. My past isn’t an easy one and I suffered with […]