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‘I’m a Father of Five … But I Only Got to Raise Three’: Dads Share Their Abortion Stories in Powerful Video

By Will Maule Ahead of Father’s Day this Sunday, the pro-life organization “Save the Storks” is embarking on a powerful new video campaign, giving post-abortive men a chance to share their heartbreaking stories of how the procedure changed their lives permanently. The six-part #ChooseFatherhood social video series features four courageous men who are breaking their silence about their […]

‘They Never Told Me’: Women Testify of Being Deceived by the Abortion Industry

Live Action News — Abortion has been sold to the public by Planned Parenthood, the abortion industry, and its friends in the media as a “right” for women, and as a marker of women’s empowerment. But in reality, many abortion patients say the experience was not the least bit empowering, testifying how they were given almost no information regarding […]

Baby Born With Heart Outside of Body and Miraculously Survives

On November 22nd at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester, England – a miracle happened. Of course the word “miracle” isn’t always a favorite among the medical community but in this case that’s exactly what it was. Vanellope Hope Wilkins was born with her heart beating outside of her body. The condition, ectopia cordis, is extremely rare, […]