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When a Woman Is Pressured Into Abortion, It Is Not a Choice At All

Last week, a young girl name Samantha* came into the center looking to confirm her pregnancy. She was still in high school and had been driven to the center by her grandmother, who, I quickly noticed, was doing all the talking. Samantha sat back quietly as her grandmother asked questions about abortion. It was as […]

This Christian University is Changing the Pro-Life Movement with Their Storks Mobile Medical Unit

Live Action News — Oklahoma Wesleyan University is an unapologetically pro-life institution. It’s already garnered national attention for its pro-life certificate program, in which students can take transferable college credit courses and earn a certificate in applied bioethics. Now the Christian school is taking its commitment to life even further by acquiring a Save the Storks mobile […]

The Ultrasound That Made My Daughter a Big Sister

The following story comes from Human Coalition – Pittsburgh.  I was twenty-four, out of a job, a young mom, and pregnant again. My boyfriend and I were exhausted, discouraged, and poor. When we first found out I was pregnant, we became scared and anxious. Even the idea of raising another child worried us. I was […]

All of the Reasons I Wasn’t Ready to be a Mom

 The following story comes from Pregnancy Center of the North Coast in Eureka, CA. My name is Jemmy and I am about to be twenty years old. I have a serious boyfriend and a stable job, but when I found out I was pregnant, I decided I was not ready to be a mom. Moms […]

Nobody Told Me I Had Another Option

The following story comes from the Gulf Coast Storks in Southwest Florida. Last week, I woke up feeling queasy—it was the same feeling I had when I was pregnant with my daughter. I didn’t even have to take a test… I just knew I was pregnant. I went into panic mode. Raising my daughter in […]

Three Decades Later, Abortion Still Hurts

The following story comes from the Horizon Pregnancy Clinic in Huntington Beach, CA. A woman named Mary approached our mobile unit, wondering what we did. I explained that we love abortion vulnerable women by giving them resources and support during the moment of decision and beyond. She immediately thanked me for being a blessing to women […]

Part Trucker, Part Baby Rescuer – My Life as A Storks Driver

This piece was written by Logan Williams. Part trucker. Part baby rescuer. That’s how I fancy myself—an unfettered hombre on the open road, hauling a whole heap of culture of life from one town to the next, en route to a destiny of hope. Over the last seven months I have driven well over 10,000 […]

“For Me, Being Pregnant Could be a Matter of Life or Death.”

The following story comes from Human Coalition – Pittsburgh.  A missed period. A home pregnancy test. Two faint lines. When I found out I was pregnant four months ago, I launched into panic mode. I wasn’t scared for the normal reasons a pregnant 21 year old would be scared. Yes, I’m young, but I’m in a […]

A Hundred Reasons Why Having a Baby Just Wouldn’t Work

The following story comes from Gulf Coast Storks in Southwest Florida. The gynecologist put her hand on mine as she told me I was pregnant. I was in shock. I couldn’t have a baby right now with everything that was happening in my life—large work commitments, a possible wedding in the future, and my mom’s […]