End the Pressure

You wouldn’t pressure a vegan to eat meat on Thanksgiving

But every day, women around the globe are pressured to have an abortion.

Meet Cheryle

I began to cry harder as they strapped me down. I asked them to please unstrap me and let me leave.”

“The anesthesia was administered and I fell asleep to the sound of their laughter. When I woke up, I was hurting physically and emotionally.

But no one cared about that part of my story. All the voices I heard called me a “murderer.” They hated me and made me hate myself. No one cared to know that my boyfriend’s mom forced me into having the abortion. She told me, “It’s no big deal, I had one too.”

Now I have to live with the regret of having an abortion and a list of unanswered questions. How could my boyfriend stand by as his parents threatened me? Why didn’t anyone tell me I’d regret it? How can I help others realize that I didn’t choose abortion, but was forced into it? Then, maybe then, people would help me instead of hate me.

My abortion has an asterisk because there’s more to the story.”

Cheryle’s story is very common. In fact, 3 out of 5 women were pressured into their abortion

This Thanksgiving, End the Pressure!

Here are three ways YOU can help today!

1. Take the pledge.

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2. Share the Video!

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3. Save a life!

At Save the Storks, we think it’s a tragedy that women feel pressured to abort, so we work hard every day to help them know they have other options. Our mobile medical units (Stork Buses) park outside of abortion clinics and on college campuses offering resources to abortion-vulnerable women every day. Four out of five women who board our buses choose life.

$30 a month can save a woman and her child from abortion!