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We have easy, but powerful way for you to stand for life.

One of our most unique volunteer positions is the Stork Bus Volunteer Driver. If you have a flexible, are passionate about ministering in the pro-life movement, and love road trips, the Driver position could be a great fit.

Stork Bus Tours give volunteers a chance to stop at a of places en route to delivering a mobile medical unit to its final destination at a pregnancy resource center.

Before applying, check out the following information to see if the Volunteer Driver position might work for you.


Q. Who is Save the Storks?
A. Save the Storks is a nonprofit, Christian ministry with a mission to revolutionize the meaning of pro-life. We are an organization that partners with and supports pregnancy centers in any way we can.That may be through training or consulting services, or it may be walking them through the process of fundraising for a Stork Bus and launching a successful mobile ministry in their community.Contrary to popular belief, Save the Storks does not own or operate any Stork Buses. Instead, our affiliate pregnancy centers do that. We are here to provide ongoing support to our affiliates in whatever way they may need. We are honored to work alongside these amazing ministries that are daily serving women and families all across the nation.

Q. If you don’t operate Stork Buses, what is a Save the Storks Bus Driver?
A. The Volunteer Driver position is an important one. When a pregnancy center wants to launch a mobile ministry, has raised all of their funds, and their Bus has been built, Save the Storks delivers it to its final home. However, we take a very roundabout way to the pregnancy center so that we have a few weeks to take the Bus on a Tour. This is where our Storks Volunteer Drivers come in. They will take a Bus from our builder to its final destination, making many stops along the way. Each Tour is different and types of stops will vary. The Volunteer Driver is the face of Save the Storks when out they’re on the road, which is why the position is so critical.

Q. What sort of stops do Drivers make on Tour?
A. The heart behind our Stork Bus Tours is to bring unity to the pro-life movement. There are all kinds of people all over the nation doing wonderful work to further the cause. Our Tours function to unite and serve those people. Most stops on a Tour will be visiting with pregnancy centers: touring their center,hearing their stories, and praying over their ministries. Other types of stops might be taking a Bus to a church on a Sunday morning, meeting with a donor, stopping by a pro-life group at a college campus,, or taking the Bus to a marketing event. No matter the stop, a Driver is only responsible for taking good care of the Bus and being a positive representative for Save the Storks.

Q. So, I wouldn’t be driving a functional Stork Bus that is providing ultrasounds?
A. No, a Volunteer Driver will not be involved in the operations of an active Stork Bus. Once the Bus arrives at its final home, the pregnancy center staff will take over and run the day-to-day operation of the Bus. A Save the Storks Volunteer Driver is simply responsible for building relationships within the pro-life movement while driving on Tour.

Q. What is the time commitment?
A. Tours last anywhere from 2-6 weeks. However, we won’t ask a Driver to commit for more than about 16 days at a time. So 2 weeks is the typical amount of time we ask from our Drivers. When a new Tour is launching, the Mobile Operations Team will communicate with our Drivers about possible timeframes.

Q. Do Drivers need a special license to drive a Stork Bus?
A. No, the majority of our vehicles do not require a CDL license. Most Stork Buses are upfitted 25ft Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. They’re big, but they fit in a regular parking spot and are wonderful to drive. Our StorkLiner is a 37.5 foot Freightliner, but even that does not require a CDL. Only previous driving large vehicles.

Q. Where is the pick-up point for a Stork Bus?
A. The pick-up point for a mobile unit really could be anywhere in the United States. Because Tours last 2-6 weeks, there could be up to three sets of drivers trading off. The pick-up point for the Bus depends on the route, which is unique to each individual Tour.

Q. Am I responsible for getting myself to and from the Stork Bus?
A. No, the Mobile Operations Team takes care of all the travel logistics for our drivers. When a Driver is headed out on the road, we book their flights, rental cars, hotels, etc.

Q. Is there a cost associated with being a Stork Driver?
A. We never ask our Drivers to invest anything other than time and energy on a Tour. The Mobile Operations Team takes responsibility for travel and lodging arrangements and covering all expenses,including a per diem for meals. There may be a few small costs throughout the process of onboarding new Drivers (such as fees for motor vehicle records or background checks) but once a Driver is on the team, Save the Storks takes care of expenses.

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