Stork Coffee: For Your Church or Event

What if the coffee you served at your church or event helped fuel the new pro-life movement?

Communicating life-affirming principles from a place/posture/position of grace and compassion toward women who are often exploited and manipulated into having abortions.

75% of all abortion-patients live 200% below the poverty level

%% of post-abortive women didn’t feel support for any other choice …


What’s great is that not only does Stork Coffee serve a great cause, it tastes great too! The Stork Coffee team carefully selects and samples beans from around the world that will deliver a flavorful and smooth cup of coffee. Not only that, but the Stork Coffee team makes sure they know the direct farm the bean is coming from, some of the farms have even been visited by the team. All this ensures that not only is it amazing coffee but that it is sourced in a way that honors the local growers and harvesters.

We can do branding as simple and subtle as sleeves for your coffee cups or as exciting as helping fund decor for your whole coffee shop.