$35 a month will save a mother and her child from abortion!

64% of women who chose to abort said they felt pressured by others to do it.

There’s no “choice” when you’re pressured into having an abortion. We believe information is the most important part of empowering a mother to make a choice she won’t later regret. We partner with pregnancy centers to offer free ultrasounds to women who are pressured into abortion. The best part is that 4 out of 5 women who get on our Stork Buses, after being fully informed, choose life!

We estimate that $35 a month saves one mother and her child from abortion every year.

We emphasize the mother AND the child because we know abortion hurts so much more than just the baby. We’ve done the math and know that the cost of our buses divided by the number of women who choose life on our buses (32 per week) comes out to about $35 a month to save a stork (mom + baby).

We currently have 41 buses (another 10 in production) in communities all over the country serving women by offering free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, STD tests, and many other resources. We take pregnancy resources mobile so we can park outside of abortion clinics or universities where we know women are being pressured to make decisions they don’t like. We’re making the option of life impossible to ignore. Once women see their ultrasound and hear the heartbeat they understand the reality of their decision. One picture changes everything!

KC Wright

KC Wright has been the Events Coordinator at Springfield’s Pregnancy Care Center since 2014. After working in radio for over 20 years, KC brings his experience in speaking and event planning to the Save the Storks team. He has the heart to inspire others and has served as a pastor, speaker, and teacher.  KC and his wife Jessica are the proud parents of one beautiful daughter.

After working in radio for over 20 years, KC brings his production, programming and interviewing experience to the Keep The Faith Radio Show, heard coast to coast and around the world at www.keepthefaith.com. He began his radio career at the age of 14 and over the years has held the morning show position at several Christian radio stations, including several years as the host of a Christian rock show for teens, while later serving as morning show producer for the K-LOVE Radio Network.  KC has been described as part speaker, part comedian, and a gospel ninja. He has the heart to inspire others and has served as a pastor, speaker, and teacher. He’s a man who enjoys writing and communicating to others that it’s NOT too late to be who you might have been. KC has brought his message of “Joy” all over the USA as well as England and Ireland. You can learn more about him at www.kcwrighttoday.com

“KC Wright is best known for his career in radio, but quickly became a dedicated advocate for Life for the Springfield Pregnancy Care Center.  He is an effective and engaging public pro-life speaker who brings positive solutions to this difficult subject.  KC brings information on the latest tools and techniques used to bring hope to women facing unplanned pregnancies and he will connect you with new game-changing resources in the area of saving lives. I hope you will utilize KC as a guest speaker in your church as you create a culture of life within your congregation.”

-Cindi Boston-CEO of Pregnancy Care Center 1998 – 2016

“KC Wright is one of the most talented men I’ve had the privilege to work with.  He is quick witted, intelligent, spiritually sensitive and genuinely loves people.  His warmth is inviting and his enthusiasm is contagious both on and off the air!  His ability to do radio whether behind or in front of the mic reveals his willingness and ability to be a team player.  My life, both professionally and personally, is better for knowing him.”

Jennifer Rothschild-Author; Speaker and Founder of Womensministry.net and Fresh Grounded Faith Events.

“Having worked in Christian radio in the past, KC’s upbeat personality draws the audience in. But his huge heart and passion for life keep their attention! He has dedicated his career for the past few years to create a culture of life at Pregnancy Care Center and is now focusing his efforts nationally.  KC’s message is positive but poignant.  He’s making a difference as an advocate for life, and he compels his audiences to do the same.  I’m confident that you won’t be disappointed if you invite KC to speak to your church!”

-Lisa McIntire, CPA-CEO – Pregnancy Care Center; Springfield, MO.

“We have known KC for almost twenty years and have found him to be a man of integrity, honesty and Godly character. He ministered at our local fellowship, House of Prayer Family Church and conducted himself with the utmost respect for the church leadership and congregation. He, of course, remained true to the established principals of the Word of God.”

-James Jackson-Senior Pastor-House of Prayer Family Church; Jefferson City, MO.

“Saint Mary’s parish was so honored to have KC Wright come and represent Save the Storks for us! His presentation was entertaining, informative and touching. He was able to connect with everyone present, young and old alike! Please do yourself a favor and invite Mr. Wright to your church, you’ll be glad you did!”
-Zachary Gard-Youth Minister and Evangelization Coordinator for Saint Mary’s Parish; Independence MO

“KC Wright and the ‘Save the Storks’ ministry are literally life savers!  The church has stood by far too long in silence and tacit consent, while our nation has murdered millions of unborn babies!  Save the Storks is reaching out on a God-size scale to stop the genocide and give these precious lives a fighting chance, and helping mothers in crisis realize there is a viable alternative to abortion, and convincing them to “choose life!!!”  This is truly the heart of God in action.”

-Howie Malone 

Lead Pastor, The River

“I have known KC Wright for years and his integrity and dedication to Christ are quite evident. I am very selective in sharing the platform with anyone and would only partner with people that I was like-minded with. KC is one of those men. He is a true brother in the Lord and what he is fighting for these days is something that all believers in Christ should be fighting for as well.”

-Michael O’Brien

“KC Wright is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. His passion for the helping others is contagious, and it shines through his work with the pro-life movement. Not only does he spread the message of the pro-life generation, but he also advocates for loving and helping women through the difficult times of an unplanned pregnancy. I am a student at Missouri State University, and KC has come to my campus several times to talk to our pro-life group, whether it be sharing his testimony, giving a tour of Save the Storks’ state-of-the-art, fully-equipped mobile medical unit, or spreading the truth about life. He exuberates love in all he says and does: He is a wonderful speaker to invite to any church, school, or event. We are truly blessed to have KC as a part of the pro-life generation.”

-Carolyn Steensland

Missouri State University; Modern Language/ Teacher Certification; Gamma Phi Beta; Bears for Life Secretary; La Barraca Social Media Chairperson

“I am so blessed to have met KC Wright through the pro-life movement. KC has been invaluable to the Bears for Life group at Missouri State University. He has been generous enough to lead several talks and discussions for our members and give our group a Save the Storks mobile unit tour. His passion for women and children is clearly seen in every word he speaks and action he does. I have never met a more compassionate, enthusiastic, and selfless man. I can’t thank him enough for helping our group and motivating me to become more involved in this movement for life!”

-Abigail Hebron

Bears for Life, Missouri State University


$35 a month will save a mother and her child from abortion!

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