Kenya Reese

This love for music seamlessly intertwined with her deep-rooted relationship with God. Kenya views her vocal talent as a divine gift, one she intends to use in service to her faith. From leading worship in her local church to infusing her family’s YouTube channel with heartwarming duets, Kenya’s commitment to her musical journey has always been entwined with her spiritual beliefs.

Her path to the world of country music began to take shape when, at the age of 16, she started writing her own songs. Her undeniable talent caught the attention of General Records and Ben Calhoun, from the renowned band Citizen Way. Together, they crafted her debut country single, “Can’t Take Me Down”, a milestone that marked the beginning of her professional music career.

Venturing to Nashville in the company of Ben as her co-writer and producer, Kenya recorded her first single at Michael Tait’s studio. Her excitement for this debut is matched only by her unwavering patriotism, often showcased in performances of the National Anthem at notable events like Bandimere National Speedway and the National Western Stock Show rodeos.

Kenya remains deeply connected to her roots, finding solace in the simplicity of small-town living. Whether she’s hunting elk in the Rockies, strumming her guitar, or pouring her heart into her music, her dedication to country melodies and her community shines through.

Her journey as an artist doesn’t solely revolve around her music; it’s also guided by her altruism. Kenya’s partnership with Save The Storks, a non-profit organization that supports women facing unplanned pregnancies and helps to educate them on all their options, showcases her commitment to giving back. She’s pledged proceeds from her merchandise and music sales to further this cause, aligning her music with a purpose beyond the stage.

As she looks ahead, Kenya’s aspirations soar higher, dreaming of performing the National Anthem at the NFR and continuing her collaboration with General Records and Ben Calhoun in the studio. Her unwavering dedication to her music, her faith, and her commitment to making a difference mark Kenya Reese as not just a rising country artist, but also a beacon of positivity and purpose in the music industry.

Why Kenya supports Save the Storks

Since she was old enough to understand, Kenya has had compassion for the unborn and for the expecting mothers who are faced with difficult decisions about their unborn babies. When Kenya first heard about Save the Storks and the great work they are doing to support these mothers, she knew that she wanted to get involved. The best part about Save the Storks is that regardless of how people feel about the issue of abortion, Kenya believes that everyone can get behind the mission of providing free support and medical care so that these expecting mothers do not feel alone and are fully supported to make the best decision for their baby. Save the Storks is a life-giving organization and Kenya is so excited to play a part in supporting their efforts.