Veronica’s Story

When the Odds Are Stacked Against You

Veronica felt like the odds were stacked against her. There was no way she could have a baby.

A 38-year-old immigrant with an expiring visa, Veronica worried about being deported. She was also unemployed. This was her first pregnancy, and she had no way to support a child.

Deciding to pursue an abortion, she scheduled an appointment at Planned Parenthood.

Yet, Veronica was distraught about it. How would she handle the emotional impact of getting an abortion?

The odds were
stacked against her.

The same afternoon of her Planned Parenthood appointment, Veronica happened to come across a mobile medical clinic operated by a Save the Storks partner.

Inside, she met with a patient advocate, who assured her that a community of support would be there to support her and help her through pregnancy and beyond. She got an ultrasound and saw her tiny baby, seven weeks old, with a strong heartbeat.

Later that day, in the lobby of Planned Parenthood, Veronica started to cry, wondering what to do about the life she had just seen on her ultrasound. She didn’t want to get an abortion. But, she still couldn’t see a way to keep and raise her baby. 

Veronica told the receptionist she needed to reschedule the appointment for the following week, and then she left.

“Have you seen people in the worst situations do okay?” Veronica asked when her patient advocate followed up with her.

“Have you seen people in the worst situations do okay?”

Her advocate reminded Veronica that no matter what, there was a community ready to offer her and her baby the practical assistance and emotional care they needed.

She was still scared. But, she was starting to feel like things were falling into place. She wouldn’t be alone to raise the precious life she carried.

Plus, she’d been able to extend her visa. That meant there was no immediate risk of being deported.

She canceled her appointment at Planned Parenthood.

Today, with the support, counsel, and care of the Save the Stork’s partner, Veronica feels more confident to welcome her child into the world.

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