$35 a month will save a mother and her child from abortion!

64% of women who chose to abort said they felt pressured by others to do it.

There’s no “choice” when you’re pressured into having an abortion. We believe information is the most important part of empowering a mother to make a choice she won’t later regret. We partner with pregnancy centers to offer free ultrasounds to women who are pressured into abortion. The best part is that 4 out of 5 women who get on our Stork Buses, after being fully informed, choose life!

We estimate that $35 a month saves one mother and her child from abortion every year.

We emphasize the mother AND the child because we know abortion hurts so much more than just the baby. We’ve done the math and know that the cost of our buses divided by the number of women who choose life on our buses (32 per week) comes out to about $35 a month to save a stork (mom + baby).

We currently have 41 buses (another 10 in production) in communities all over the country serving women by offering free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, STD tests, and many other resources. We take pregnancy resources mobile so we can park outside of abortion clinics or universities where we know women are being pressured to make decisions they don’t like. We’re making the option of life impossible to ignore. Once women see their ultrasound and hear the heartbeat they understand the reality of their decision. One picture changes everything!

Matt Maher

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it but at the heart of the Gospel is an unplanned pregnancy. I mean sure, God knew what was going on but, as a 14 year old, unmarried girl, I find it pretty hard to believe that it was on Mary’s bucket list to wake up one day to find an angel in her room, that she had found favor with God, and that she was pregnant. And oh, by the way, the father’s God.

We know that Mary was filled with the grace to say “yes!” to God but the reality is that she had a lot of support too. Joseph chose to stay by her side. Then she goes to visit Elizabeth and, just at the sound of her voice, the baby in Elizabeth’s womb starts doing cartwheels and saying “Do you know who’s in that womb?!?!?!?” And Elizabeth could have said ANYTHING. She could have said “you’re too young for this,” “every plan you’ve ever made will be ruined,” or “you should just get rid of this.” Instead, what Mary heard was “Blessed is the fruit of your womb!” Can you imagine how affirming that was for Mary?

You see, Mary was surrounded by a support system that said yes with her. Unfortunately, our culture doesn’t often express that same support that Mary had. Thousands of women in the US woke up this morning and had no one to support them. It may have been the result of a bad decision or, even worse, a traumatic event but these women have no one standing by their side. How are they supposed to say yes when the world is telling them no? In 2013, 84% of women who terminated their pregnancy did it because they felt like they had no other options. They felt like that had no other choice.

But there’s good news. There are thousands of local pregnancy centers all over the country, run by Christian women, that exist solely to provide the love and support that these women so desperately need. The problem is that women have no clue how to find them or that they even exist. There’s no marketing budget, they’re often on the other side of town, and women just can’t get to them. So how do we help them connect? How do we help these amazing resources reach the women who desperately need their services? I’m so excited to be raising awareness for an amazing nonprofit called Save the Storks.

$35 a month will save a mother and her child from abortion!

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