Partner Program

We’re there for you,
so you can be there for her

We’re there for you, so you can be therefor HER

Pro-Life Ministries are on a Life-Saving Mission

We’re here to help you reach more abortion-vulnerable women with holistic care and excellence.

Going Beyond Four Walls

Bringing the power of the pregnancy center to those who need it most.

Our Partner Program exists to strengthen the connection between abortion-vulnerable women and the pro-life ministries called to serve them. At Save the Storks we believe that when pregnancy centers have the resources they need to inform and serve women, they not only have a holistic impact on families, they also decrease abortion rates and accelerate a cultural shift for life.

We offer customized support in marketing and outreach, operational quality, and leadership development – all at no cost to ministry partners. When we advance your mission through effective strategy and excellence, we bring the power of the local pregnancy center to those who need it most.

“I feel like a whole new leader. I have confidence I didn’t have a year ago. The leadership development opportunities for me have been amazing. Not only have I contacted more donors this year than ever before, but I have also been able to empower, build and grow my team. We love the relationship we have with Storks and how they have come alongside us and poured into our center.”
—Tracy Breit, Executive Director of The Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford

Partnership Benefits

We’re with you every step of the way.

All Storks’ services are provided at NO CHARGE to ministry partners. These include:

How the Program Works


Fill out the interest form. A Save the Storks staff member will connect with you to answer any questions you have and see if your center qualifies for the Partner Program. If so, you’ll be invited to apply!


Review your Action Plan. The Storks’ team will create a customized plan for your center. This plan is drafted by a panel of experts who have assessed your needs, strengths and areas of growth.


Sign your Action Plan to begin the partnership. As a partner you have access to industry-leading services and training, and a nationwide network of like-minded centers driven by excellence.

How the Program Works

Partner Program Interest Form

Please take a moment to give us some information about your pregnancy center! We will be checking to see if you pre-qualify for our partner and/or mobile programs. We will respond to your interest form within 48 business hours.



Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of ministries can become Partners?
Partners consist of client facing pro-life ministries that are focused on reaching abortion-vulnerable women at their moment of decision, desire to be medical, and are committed to excellence and growth. These can include Pregnancy Centers, Sidewalk Advocates, Mobile Ministries, and other life-minded ministries. Currently, we are strategically focusing on partnering with organizations in critical markets – areas where abortion rates are at or above the national average of 18.3%. Not sure? Reach out to us!1

Are there selection requirements?
Save the Storks desires to serve all organizations that want to reach more abortion-vulnerable women and are committed to growth. However, in our application process we prioritize organizations that are in areas around the country with high abortion rates. Please fill out the Interest Form to talk to a Save the Storks representative about your organization.

Do I have to have a Stork Bus to be a Partner?
No. Partners do not need to have a mobile ministry. Additionally, if they already are a mobile center, it doesn’t need to be built by Save the Storks. While Stork Mobile Units are the most effective mobile ultrasound vehicle on the market, we want to partner with mobile centers of all kinds and help them achieve a similar level of excellence.

What if I want a Stork Bus?
If your center wants to launch a mobile ministry program, we will help you do that through your Action Plan.

How long does a partnership last?
Your partnership renews on yearly basis.

Are there fees associated with a partnership?
All Storks’ provided services are at NO CHARGE to centers becoming Storks’ Partners. Partners are required to send in one story and a brief statistic sheet monthly.

What happens to our partnership if we have a leadership change?
Partnership exists between Save the Storks and your center. As long as the leadership of your center remains committed to reaching abortion-vulnerable women and intentional growth, we welcome your center to remain partnered with Save the Storks.

How long does it take to become a partner?
Each Action Plan will take a minimum of 12 months to complete, but based on the unique needs of each Partner, the Action Plan could last longer.

What if we can’t complete our Action Plan or need to take a break?
Current Answer – We recognize that the unexpected can happen. Let us know if you need to take a break, and we can pick back up where you left off in your Action Plan.