StorkWorks Consulting

The Product

As a pregnancy resource center director do you…

  • Struggle with a lack of critical funding?
  • Experience paralyzing conflict between executives and board members?
  • Feel like you’re missing the mark with marketing and social media messaging?
  • Think about rebranding but don’t know where to begin?
  • Worry about staff burnout and turnover?
  • Suffer from unsuccessful searches for strong, qualified candidates to expand your workforce?
  • Wrestle with how to best recruit and utilize community volunteers?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the previous questions, we can help. StorkWorks Consulting partners with you to better articulate your vision, strengthen your infrastructure, mature your processes, develop human resources, and step up your fundraising efforts.

God gave you a vision. We want to share, support, and enhance your vision through professional consulting. Depending on the need and the geographic area, we frequently have grants available from generous donors to help offset the consulting cost.

Let StorkWorks help you move into the future with clear plans, purpose and vision. For more information about StorkWorks and how we train and support pregnancy resource centers, email Jessica at or call (866) 639-0479 ext 729.
to request a telephone appointment.

How We Can Help


Strategic Planning

Working with PRC leadership, key personnel, and your full board, Strategic Planning digs deep into your PRC to provide a full assessment of your organization and a guide to constructing your 2-3 year strategy for furthering your mission. A Storks professional consultant comes to you for this 2-day-on-site consult.

“I would highly recommend StorkWorks for your organizational assessment and strategic planning. You won’t regret working with StorkWorks!”

Sara Loy, Executive Director, Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices

“We consider our Consultant to be more than a consultant. He has become an indispensable part of our team.”

Nydia Correa, Executive Director, House of Hope


Executive Coaching

A personal guide for PRC directors to explore your vision, establish goals and achieve your mission for yourself and your Center. Ongoing communication and access to a network of nonprofit professionals.

“My coach is amazing at helping me bring to light things that I didn’t even know were stewing within me. She is encouraging, detail oriented, and challenging. She teaches techniques that are truly applicable to everyday life in a way that will help me reach my goals one step at a time.” -Life Coaching Client

“Coaching has helped me clarify my purpose which has led me to using my time more effectively. My professional coach has been worth every penny.”

-Life Coaching Client




Comprehensive training guiding you through he process of adding ultrasound services to your center. More than a manual, we offer a game plan and coach to guide you through the plays. This training is two days onsite.


Once you make the decision to add ultrasound services to your pregnancy center you need high quality ultrasound training for your RNs and medical professionals. This didactic and hands-on training takes a thorough approach to teaching medical professionals how to do first trimester limited ultrasound scanning. This training is four days onsite.


Reinventing the wheel isn’t necessary when your center engages with this thorough day and a half training to prepare you for the exciting world of Mobile Medical Ministry. *Mobile Ministries not affiliated with Save the Storks may participate.

For more information about StorkWorks, email Jessica, at or call (866) 639-0479 ext 729 to request a telephone appointment.


CEO on Demand


Need clarity on a major issue but  can’t squeeze in a 2 day retreat  to address it?  Storks offers a one hour consult over the phone with our CEO, Joe Baker.  C hoose  from any of the following  topics  or feel free to bring your own challenge,  ask questions and be prepared to be encouraged :

-Recruit, Retain  or  Utilize Board Members

-Identify , Enlist  and  Expand  Funding Solutions

-Branding/ Marketing/Community Awareness/Messaging

-Speaking the Language of Millennials  

-Casting Vision to Engage Staff &/or Board Members  

Storks exists to  serve  PRCs . We welcome your suggestion and ideas so if you have a need, let us know. We’re growing our professional consulting base and adding new services to better  empower you to serve mothers and save babies!

For more information about a business consultation, email Jessica, at or call (866) 639-0479 ext 729 to schedule your telephone appointment.