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BADA Mom Shirt

“I am a cool mom,” I say to myself as I mindlessly do the moves to “Baby Shark” for the 47th time today as my daughter laughs and tries to copy me.

Being a mom isn’t always easy or glamorous. Sometimes it’s messy hair, smudged makeup (or none at all), drinking cold coffee, singing an annoying song for the umpteenth time that morning. But most of the time, it’s more. It’s sweet kisses and hugs before bedtime, hearing “mama” for the first time, and belly laughs on the floor. It’s conquering dinner one-handed with a toddler on your hip who just needs to be held. It’s making it through a full workday running on 4 hours of sleep after a 3 AM wake up call because growing molars is hard work. Either way, being a mom is a bada** job and we are here for it.



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This shirt comes in two options: long sleeve (LS) or t-shirt (T). Both are loose-fitting and flowy. Our t-shirt option is a lighter gray than the long-sleeve, but just as comfy. The long-sleeve version features a soft and relaxed “torso” with fitted thermal sleeves. Whichever option you choose, we know you’ll rock it, just like you’re rocking this mom thing.

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