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Letter to the Senate

To the Honorable Senators Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer,

We urge you to stand for the health and safety of women and their unborn children by supporting the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

This important piece of legislation represents the beliefs of the majority of Americans in the United States today. A Marist poll taken earlier this year revealed the following views on abortion:

  • 77% of women support limiting abortion to, at most, the first trimester. 74% of all Americans also support this.
  • 61% of women think it’s an important or immediate priority for government to restrict abortion in this way. 59% of all Americans agree.
  • 59% of women, and 59% of all Americans believe abortion is morally wrong.

As elected representatives of the American people, we ask that you support this bill to protect the lives of mothers and their children from abortion. This is not an extreme bill and is a step towards a bipartisan answer to the question of unplanned pregnancy in America.

Report after report demonstrates babies at 20 weeks can feel pain in the womb. This is why physicians administer anesthesia when doing fetal operations in-utero. Additionally, when the life of the mother is at stake beyond 20 weeks of pregnancy, an abortion often takes too long to save her life, which means physicians opt for a c-section to try to save both lives.

Science is clear on this issue and we believe our laws should clearly reflect this scientific finding and medical practice.

We distributed this letter and received the following signatures. We hope you’ll stand on the side of science, true care for women’s health, and the voice of the people on this historic issue.


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