Chula Vista, CA

Stork Bus – Delivered – Silent Voices

We are proud to serve the community since 1984 with free pregnancy tests, abortion/pregnancy education, emotional, physical and spiritual support and post abortion support groups. While Silent Voices firmly believes in and advocates the sanctity of human life, all of our clients know that they are loved and accepted no matter what their situations, backgrounds or choices. Our prayerful desire is to see women come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Our goal with every client – whether pregnant or seeking post abortion help – is that we would have an opportunity to share the Good News that Jesus loves her and wants to be a part of her life. We believe this goal will be accomplished as our clients experience His love in action, and their physical and emotional needs are met.

We believe that our Stork Bus will radically improve our ability to reach women who would otherwise never know we exist.  Being out in the community in a highly visible vehicle will draw attention to the fact that there are more options available to them than the local abortion clinic.  We know that through mobile ministries, other centers have increased the number of women served by 400%, resulting in more lives saved.  We’re excited to see similar results!  Our vision and mission have always been to serve abortion vulnerable women – to save the unborn – and the Stork Bus will give us more opportunities to do that than we could ever hope for in our “brick and mortar” offices!  More women will be empowered to choose life through our Options Education, seeing ultrasound images of their own baby, and learning the truth about the value of life!

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