Philadelphia, PA

Stork Bus – Delivered – AlphaCare

AlphaCare in Philadelphia, PA already offers an impressive number of services to the women in their community. Free pregnancy testing, parenting classes, and options counseling are just a few of the many services they provide. Now, as they welcome “Rhonda” into their fleet, they’re able to take those services even deeper into their city, right to the women who need them the most. Rhonda is lovingly named after a generous donor who made giving a grant towards this Stork Bus possible. Thank you for your continued support for Save the Storks and the women across America who need the resources and help that pregnancy centers can offer with a Stork Bus. Please pray for the women of Philadelphia to see the truth, to embrace life, and to encounter hope.

Click HERE to view their website and see how they are reaching women in need everyday in the community!