Pittsburgh, PA

Stork Bus – Delivered – Pregnancy Center

This is the first of our larger units, and it allows a pregnancy center in the Pittsburgh area to go where the at-risk population is and connect them with the most effective abortion deterrent (the ultrasound) in our brand-new state-of-the-art Women’s Mobile Clinic in order to help save babies and families from the devastation of abortion.
This vehicle is custom-built to be a pregnancy center on wheels. Equipped with three separate rooms, all heavily soundproof to ensure privacy, we are able to tend to clients comfortably and conveniently near their place of residence or occupation. The clinic is equipped to provide lab-grade pregnancy testing, ultrasound screening and limited STD testing all at no cost to the clients.
Our Women’s Mobile Clinic is currently going to four different locations five days a week. Please pray for the families and lives that will be saved in Pittsburgh!