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4 Ways Pro-Choice Feminism is Really, Really Inconsistent…

I will have to admit, I have begun to reconsider what it means to respect the bodily integrity of individual women. During a recent outreach at UCLA and Cerritos college, two students told me that I should respect the autonomy that women have over their bodies. Setting aside that the unborn entity in question is […]

‘Goonies’ Star Martha Plimpton Says Her First Abortion Was Her “Best One”

Back in June, actress Martha Plimpton sat casually on the stage of Seattle’s Town Hall at an event hosted by #ShoutYourAbortion. Next to her was former Planned Parenthood medical director and self-proclaimed “Christian” abortionist, Willie Parker, who cites his faith as his reason for performing abortions. Plimpton began the casual interview with Parker by telling […]