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Healing From Abortion — My Redemption Song

The following story was submitted to us via email by Julia. She is grateful for the chance to share her story and hopes that she will be able to reach other women.  Two dates are forever ingrained in my heart—the day my baby was supposed to be born and the day I chose to take […]

That Awkward Moment When Planned Parenthood Says They Care

“Care. No matter what.” That’s the motto of Planned Parenthood, plastered right there at the top of their website in bright, bold letters. Whenever pro-life legislation lands on a governor’s desk or legislators threaten to cut off taxpayer funding to clinics that offer abortion services, abortion groups like Planned Parenthood woefully cry that their only […]

Abortion, Adoption & the Heroes I Met Along the Way

We live in a society where we are taught a huge lie, that sex is like a drug and one of the side effects of that drug is a child. Sex has become one of the main ingredients in selling movies and music videos. Our kids’ childhood heroes aren’t read about in books anymore, they […]

Abortion and Knee Surgery Are the Same – Right?

Rewire recently published an interesting piece on the state of women making decisions about abortion. The article, written by Nicole Knight, is titled, “New Research Eviscerates Widespread Anti-Choice Myth.” Ah, don’t you just love loaded language? The “research” they cite refers to a study that shows that women feel more certain about their decision to […]

Why the Hyde Amendment is Vital to Women

By now, most people have heard of the Hyde Amendment. The law lies at the heart of a contentious abortion debate, with groups like Planned Parenthood having recently launched massive campaigns to overturn it. But while the name might sound familiar, few Americans know exactly what the law does and doesn’t do, and arguably fewer understand the […]

Hollywood’s Dark History: Life in the Shadows

The history of celebrity motherhood and abortion is convoluted. In this day and age society celebrates celebrity children (think Suri Cruise and the Kardashian children), grieves celebrity miscarriages (think Beyonce  and Giuliana Rancic) and celebrates celebrity abortion (think Chelsea Handler and Amy Brenneman). You might think the tie between motherhood, miscarriage, abortion and stardom is […]

When Women Don’t Have a Choice

The following was written by Deborah Muse, an English Instructor at Crowder College in Webb City, Missouri. As women in the United States, most of us have a myriad of choices. We pride ourselves on making choices because our choices give us some sense of independence, self-worth, and control over our lives. This all sounds […]