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I Wanted to be a “Man,” But I Had it All Wrong

I wanted to be a man. My dad is a stud. In 25 years of work, the man never once took a sick day, even while battling cancer. We built the majority of our house with our own hands. When my car broke down, we fixed it. We wanted a pond so we dug it. […]

The Dog Boomers: Young Americans Choosing Canines and Kitties Over Kids

This piece was originally published on Breakpoint and was written by Eric Metaxas &  G. Shane Morris. For proof that our culture has gone to the dogs, look no further than the bizarrely parental ways many Americans talk about our furry friends. If you haven’t seen a series of new commercials from the wireless company, Sprint, consider […]

Can Someone Worship God and Be Pro-Choice?

This piece was written by Paul Isaacs, President of Save the Storks One of my favorite quotes goes as follows: “Only he who stands up for the Jews may sing Gregorian chants.” Now you may be wondering why this seemingly random statement has altered my life in such a huge way. Allow me to introduce to […]