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Fake Claims About Pregnancy Resource Centers

PRCs save communities thousands of dollars every year with medical resources By Brittany Smith  Critics of pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) often claim they are fake clinics designed to mislead women. While it might make for an easy soundbite, these accusations are false.  In fact, PRCs offer a wealth of vital support to women and most […]

Do Pregnancy Resource Centers Actually Help Women? Here’s What You Need to Know…

Perhaps I’m just getting old, but reading about the abortion-lobby’s fizzled protest outside of [Atlanta Women’s Care Clinic] had me quoting Ecclesiastes and the words, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Before the scheduled protest, which drew from 3,000 at a downtown Atlanta conference and dropped to 150 when the protestors were asked to walk one […]

Why This New Mom Thought Pro-Abortion “Expose Fake Clinics” Crusade Was a Joke

When “Jamie” first caught wind of pro-abortion activists’ “Expose Fake Clinics” crusade, she laughed. After all, the campaign’s assertions that pregnancy centers not only lie to and shame women, but even confiscate their cell phones during appointments, were too absurd for someone like Jamie to take seriously. But soon, it became clear to Jamie that […]