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4 Ways Helping Women Through Unplanned Pregnancies Has Changed My Life

I’ve always been pro-life. That said, 10 years of working at a pregnancy center has given me a greater resolve and broader perspective concerning the sanctity of human life than I ever had before. The pro-life mission is bigger than rescuing pre-born babies from death by abortion (though we do hope to accomplish this). It’s […]

Amazing Photo of Baby Born in the Amniotic Sac Goes Viral

Live Action News — The photo of a newborn baby boy still in the amniotic sac after being born in the car has gone viral. The amazing first photograph of baby E.J. was shared on Instagram by his mother, and has thousands of likes, proving that we are all fascinated with life inside the womb – a life we […]

Pro-Life Group is Banned on Campus for Showing Images of Healthy, Pre-Born Babies

LifeSiteNews — A pro-life student group has been officially disowned by the student union of the largest university in New Zealand for showing healthy baby pictures in the womb. The Auckland University Students Association referendum to abolish the group Pro-Life Auckland passed 1,600 to 1,100 on Friday. The students association will no longer admit the club, pending a […]

How God Told Me to Adopt My Son Through a Song…

I’ve said before that we always knew we’d adopt if God was willing. We didn’t know when or how or where from, but it was in both of our hearts and we really hoped it’d become a reality. We’d always wanted a big family. We were so excited with the birth of our firstborn, there […]

Pregnant and Facing Death — Abortion Was Never an Option

My husband and I prayed for years to be blessed with a baby. We were hoping for a spontaneous miracle, but when that didn’t happen, we looked for some medical intervention. We gathered up all of our savings, cashed in retirement funds, sold belongings, and eventually scraped up enough money to pay for one round […]