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Music Video for Eminem’s “River” Shows How Abortion Affects Men

Live Action News – Last December, rapper Eminem released a new album, “Revival.” The first single, titled “River,” has received heavy airplay on radios and is currently rising on the Billboard charts. But the song has gained notoriety because of its heavy subject matter: abortion. The lyrics not only discuss abortion, but show deep regret and pain, in […]

Professor Supports A Single Mother’s Dreams In This Simple, But Beautiful Way…

According to a study by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, roughly 4.8 million college students are parents of dependent children. Despite there being an obvious need, affordable childcare for students is difficult to find. So when Texas A&M student Ashton Robinson, couldn’t find a babysitter for her son, her professor came to the rescue. She took […]

Hey Men, You Can Literally Be One in a Million!

Growing up, culture told me that real men don’t cry. That real men use dirt to heal wounds and that a meal is only a meal if it has meat in it. That being a man means you never show emotion, that you fight with your fists to protect your ego, and that the only […]

The Moment I Realized That Real Men Sparkle

Growing up with two older sisters I had a pretty good idea what women wanted by the time I hit high school. I had memorized their “manly” check list: Be a good athlete Play instruments Have a six-pack Volunteer Be a good student Speak two languages Have a sense of humor This checklist defined everything […]

Fatherhood Lost: How Abortion Affects Men

This piece was originally published on Breakpoint and was written by Eric Metaxas. It’s good that women are finally beginning to share the pain of their past abortions. But the fathers of those lost children need to be heard — and helped — as well.On Father’s Day, many dads will be blessed with colorful sweaters, loud […]

I Wanted to be a “Man,” But I Had it All Wrong

I wanted to be a man. My dad is a stud. In 25 years of work, the man never once took a sick day, even while battling cancer. We built the majority of our house with our own hands. When my car broke down, we fixed it. We wanted a pond so we dug it. […]

Men Have Abortions, Too

“I took care of it.” Those five words brought the biggest sigh of relief in my twenty-one years. I wasn’t ready for a kid, she wasn’t ready for a kid. It’s kind of like the saying goes, “You only know what you know”—and up to that point, all I knew is that kids draw on […]