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My Daughter and I Could Have Died, But Abortion Was Never an Option

My husband and I prayed for years to be blessed with a baby. We were hoping for a spontaneous miracle, but when that didn’t happen, we looked for some medical intervention. We gathered up all of our savings, cashed in retirement funds, sold belongings, and eventually scraped up enough money to pay for one round […]

Mom Meets The Child She Thought She Aborted

For anyone who’s ever been adopted, it’s a common desire to seek out your biological parents. The people whose blood runs through your veins and whose DNA you’re made up of. For Melissa Ohden, that journey was much different. When she was born, Melissa weighed less than three pounds. She was cared for by NICU nurses […]

Ellen Celebrates Life by Surprising This Single Mom With an Amazing Gift!

Ellen and the stars of “A Bad Moms Christmas,” Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn, celebrated motherhood by giving one single mom the surprise of a lifetime. In a question and answer segment with the stars, one audience member, Ayesha, stands up and instead of asking a question, simply says “thank you” and that being at […]

Adoptive Mom Debunks Three Modern Adoption Myths

Live Action News  — Modern adoption is still burdened with stigmas and adoption myths are all too prevalent. I’d like to expose some of those stigmas, and hopefully, inform those who are considering adopting, as well as those who are weighing the decision about whether to place their precious children with adoptive families. Here are three […]

Here’s Why My Chemical Pregnancy Still Matters

Three years ago today I read the words, “I am so sorry,” from my OB-GYN in an email delivering my final set of blood test results. It was Saturday, November 1, 2014, and it was pouring rain outside. My husband and I found our hearts broken in a way we had hoped we never would. […]

5 Greatest Myths of Motherhood

My husband recently mentioned to a colleague that we were expecting again. We have one daughter who is sixteen months and we are expecting a little boy this summer! My husband is finishing up his second year of grad school, and when he made this announcement, his fellow student immediately replied, “What did you do that […]