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How God Told Me to Adopt My Son Through a Song…

I’ve said before that we always knew we’d adopt if God was willing. We didn’t know when or how or where from, but it was in both of our hearts and we really hoped it’d become a reality. We’d always wanted a big family. We were so excited with the birth of our firstborn, there […]

Pregnant and Facing Death — Abortion Was Never an Option

My husband and I prayed for years to be blessed with a baby. We were hoping for a spontaneous miracle, but when that didn’t happen, we looked for some medical intervention. We gathered up all of our savings, cashed in retirement funds, sold belongings, and eventually scraped up enough money to pay for one round […]

What I Wish I Knew Before Miscarrying…

Miscarriage is more common than we think. In fact, we all likely know many women who have lost pregnancies to miscarriage. However, it’s something people often don’t talk about, leaving many women in isolation, depression, and even guilt. Thankfully, with the use of social media, more women are starting to share their stories of loss. […]