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Loving Someone with Down Syndrome—An “Interdimensional Gateway”

This piece was reprinted with permission from New Wave Feminists’ blog and was written by Jake Romano.   Ben’s the baby of the family, but don’t try calling him that. Even with a limited vocabulary he still knows how to clap back. “Big Dude” he’ll insist, referring to himself. Then the follow-up under his breath: […]

Victoria’s Story

The following story comes from Several Sources Shelter in Englewood, NJ. My name is Victoria and I am twenty-four years old. I live in Paterson, NJ in an apartment with my four-year-old disabled son. I planned to get a job following high school, but with a child that needs 24/7 care, this quickly became impossible. […]

A Story of Hope

I first met the Bauman family three years ago when we moved to Southern California. They are hilarious, fun to be with, and beyond generous to others. At the time, they had three kids ages 6, 4, and only a few months. They turned into the kind of friends who were happy with us dropping […]

Cade’s Story

(Child pictured is not Cade Lyons.) “Stay curious. Think well. Advance good.” This is the motto behind Q, a nonprofit dedicated to redeeming culture through conversations. I had the privilege of getting to know Gabe and Rebekah Lyons, the founders of Q, and their three children, while I was in New York for college. Their […]

Three Myths About Down Syndrome

“Knowledge is power,” said my doctor as he offered me the screening test for my first pregnancy. Thanks to developments in prenatal screening, it is possible for expecting parents to detect whether or not a child in the womb will have Down syndrome. My doctor is pro-life and I agree with his words. But power […]