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Pro-Choicers are Freaking Out Over This One Word Used in GOP Tax Plan

This week, pro-choicers are up in arms over one single word included in the GOPs proposed tax plan. The plan allows for families to open what’s called a 529 education savings accounts for their unborn children. Apparently the “unborn” are now on par with Darth Vader. Ilyse Hogue, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America explains, “This […]

TV Show “This Is Us” Just Got Really Pro-Life

This week’s episode of This Is Us contained a surprising pro-life statement, paired with misinformed pro-choice propaganda. The episode contains a flashback to 2008, the day before Randall was expecting his first child. In the midst of stress at work and the uncharted territory of being a first time parent, we find him on the […]