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World-Famous Supermodel Gracefully Destroys Pro-Choice Arguments

It’s been several years since supermodel, Kathy Ireland, appeared on Mike Huckabee’s talk show to talk about her stance on the issue of life. Even almost a decade later, Ireland’s responses to common pro-choice arguments are some of the most clear and concise we’ve ever heard. But Ireland wasn’t always pro-life. She became a Christian […]

Comedian Louis C.K. Shocks Audience–“Abortion is Killing Babies!”

In his Netflix special “2017,” Louis C.K. challenges a topic even comedians often leave untouched. The issue of abortion is nearly one-sided when it comes to the limelight. Hollywood, actors and comedians alike, more often than not, have chosen to ignore the lives of the unborn, the very lives that are taken by abortion. But in “2017,” […]

This YouTuber Gets Emotional After Learning Her Video Saved a Life

Jordan Cheyenne, is a popular YouTuber who vlogs about relationships, fitness, and her life as a young, single mom. Jordan speaks openly with her fans about her journey through motherhood, sharing that it’s the most rewarding thing she’s ever done. Last month, she posted a video entitled “Calling off the abortion.” She explains that a […]

5 Times Hollywood was Pro-Life… Whether They Like It or Not

Live Action News — Hollywood isn’t known for being pro-life. But that doesn’t mean abortion is being promoted in every movie and television show, much to the chagrin of pro-abortion advocates. These advocates — some of them Hollywood stars themselves — complain about the lack of pro-abortion messaging on-screen. But Hollywood surprisingly gets it right […]

Olympian Had an Abortion Weeks Before Competing, Costing her More than a Gold Medal

Yesterday, People Magazine posted an article highlighting Olympic medalist Sanya Richards-Ross and her experience with abortion. They write that it was a “decision she says cost her more than a gold medal.” Ross’s memoir Chasing Grace: What the Quarter Mile Has Taught Me About God and Life was released yesterday. The book discusses her relationship with husband, […]