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Top Pro-Life Events of 2019

Save the Storks participates in nationwide pro-life efforts By Natasha Smith This year has been an outstanding year for the pro-life movement. Save the Storks, and other pro-life organizations created opportunities to engage the culture on the topic of life across the United States. We are so thankful for each person who made a stand […]

Kendra’s Story: How A Bus Changed Everything

Mother in New York Chooses Life for Her Baby By Brittany Smith Eight months ago, Kendra walked into an abortion clinic in Schenectady, NY after escaping an abusive relationship.  A relationship that forced her to flee her home town in the middle of the night to protect her daughters. And left her with another baby […]

A Letter to the Pro-Life Movement– Who Are We Fighting For?

“BECAUSE YOU ARE ALIVE EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.” –THICH NHAT HANH What do Vincent Van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, and Franz Schubert all have in common? They died either in obscurity or wretched poverty and only after their passing were fully recognized for the ingenuity of their craft. They embody the posthumous effect: the idea that an […]