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The Simplest Way to Defend your Pro-Life Perspective to your Pro-Choice Friends

In my book Why ProLife? I say that every argument for abortion which appeals to a woman’s inconvenience, stress, and financial hardship can be made just as persuasively about her two-month-old, her two-year-old, her teenager, her husband, or her parents. In many cases older children are more expensive and place greater demands on their mother than an […]

Is Abortion Murder, Manslaughter, Criminal Negligence, or Allowable?

I’ve long appreciated Justin Taylor’s great blog Between Two Worlds. A while ago he shared a helpful summary of Peter Kreeft’s logical analysis of the pro-choice position that “we don’t know whether an unborn child is a person or not.” It’s a good reminder that it’s not the pro-life position, but the pro-choice position that relies on emotionalism […]

5 Fears That Keep Pastors from Preaching about Abortion

I recently found myself in a discussion with an extended family member about parenting. This loved one turned to me and said, “I never wanted to tell my children what to believe.” To which I responded immediately, “Why not? Everyone else is trying to tell your children what to believe, why wouldn’t you want to?” […]

We Called 100 Planned Parenthood’s–Here’s What We Found Out…

Despite being an organization that champions “choice,” we had a hunch that Planned Parenthood doesn’t actually care about choices for women. So we made some calls. We’ve contacted nearly one hundred Planned Parenthood affiliates so far, asking a simple question: Do you offer ultrasound? If they answered yes, we ask how much it costs. Each clinic […]

World-Famous Supermodel Gracefully Destroys Pro-Choice Arguments

It’s been several years since supermodel, Kathy Ireland, appeared on Mike Huckabee’s talk show to talk about her stance on the issue of life. Even almost a decade later, Ireland’s responses to common pro-choice arguments are some of the most clear and concise we’ve ever heard. But Ireland wasn’t always pro-life. She became a Christian […]

When a Woman Is Pressured Into Abortion, It Is Not a Choice At All

Last week, a young girl name Samantha* came into the center looking to confirm her pregnancy. She was still in high school and had been driven to the center by her grandmother, who, I quickly noticed, was doing all the talking. Samantha sat back quietly as her grandmother asked questions about abortion. It was as […]