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7 Things We Noticed About Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report

This article originally appeared on Students for Life of America’s blog.  Planned Parenthood finally, finally released their 2015-2016 annual report – only four months late. There are a number of interesting facts that taxpayers – their main stakeholders – can glean from it. Here are our top seven observations: 1 – Abortions increased from 323,999 […]

Expecting Couple Faces Cancer and Boldly Chooses Life Despite the Odds

This article appeared on New Wave Feminists’ blog and includes excerpts from the Daily Local News story by Nate Heckenberger.    It’s a Tuesday late in April and Melissa Gormley sits in a recliner, cherishing the bumps and kicks from her baby, growing inside her womb. As minutes crawl into hours, the sign of life […]

All Feminism Leads to Life… Or At Least It Should.

This blog was written by Hannah Cusack Since its emergence, the pro-choice movement has been closely wed to the American Feminist movement. A woman’s right to choose abortion fits under one of the fundamental rights that women all over the world must fight for everyday, a right that feminists have fought for specifically again and […]

Is Abortion a Form of Compassion?

This article was originally published by Ardee Coolidge on Care Net’s Abundant Life blog on May 4, 2017. Is offering a poor mother and father an abortion the most compassionate response to their situation? A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the US Department of Transportation’s estimate that the statistical value of a human life […]

Can Someone Worship God and Be Pro-Choice?

This piece was written by Paul Isaacs, President of Save the Storks One of my favorite quotes goes as follows: “Only he who stands up for the Jews may sing Gregorian chants.” Now you may be wondering why this seemingly random statement has altered my life in such a huge way. Allow me to introduce to […]

How Turning Up the Volume Could Have Saved My Son’s Life

By Save the Storks ambassador Ashley Flores. I have another son. His name is Evan. Everyone who frequents my little space of the cyber world knows that I am completely enthralled with my precious Felicity Grace and David Alexander. Their very existence brings a joy to my life that cannot be compared to any other feeling […]

A Letter To My Pre-Mom Self

This article originally appeared on Alexis Hernandez’s blog Me and My Sweet P.  Dear Alexis, As I see you sitting there at 36 weeks pregnant, feeling alone and scared out of your mind, I want to just hug you and say, “everything is going to be okay.” The unknown is scary but I promise you that you […]