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How One NFL Safety is Helping Tackle Abortion

This article originally appeared on Pregnancy Help News and was written by Jay Hobbs. While his upcoming appearance at a kickball tournament isn’t likely to help Philadelphia Eagles free safety Chris Maragos get ready for the 2017 NFL campaign, he still considers it among the most important things he’ll do this offseason. Maragos, who won a […]

My Friend’s Secret Pregnancy and the Day Her Sons Met

This article was originally published on Care Net’s Abundant Life blog on April 20, 2017.  I am writing my story because I hope it will encourage anyone facing a difficult pregnancy. There is hope, even in the darkest circumstances.  In the late 1950’s, my friend faced an unplanned pregnancy. She and I grew up together in […]

This Just In: Famous Director Releases New Planned Parenthood Ad and Here’s How it’s Really, Really Manipulative

Yesterday, Joss Whedon, Hollywood director and writer, released a dramatic short film on YouTube, entitled ‘UNLOCKED,’ showing what the world would be like without Planned Parenthood. The video’s description reads, “‘UNLOCKED’ highlights the vital role Planned Parenthood health centers play in the lives of millions of women in communities nationwide. The video follows three different […]

A Voice Told me to Walk Away, but I Thought it was Too Late

This story was shared with us via social media by Jill M. My name is Jill and I am a 29 year old single mom. I made the worst choice of my life last April. I’ll never forget the day or night before my appointment. I spent hours talking and crying out to God for forgiveness and […]

Why Adoption is a Comma, but Abortion is a Period

This story was shared to us via social media by Sandina K. I was one who felt like I didn’t have a choice. I was trying to get out of a gang and ended up getting pregnant by the leader. I was young, dumb, and irresponsible. I had an abortion 23 years ago at 18 […]

Sometimes Motherhood Isn’t Glamorous, But We Love it Just the Same

  The first night after I gave birth, I slept three hours – and not all at once. The day we came home from the hospital I had the biggest crying meltdown I’ve possibly ever had (me, not the baby). Why? Great question – postpartum hormones apparently. The second morning home, after a particularly horrifying […]

Do We Have a Responsibility to the Unborn Child?

This piece originally appeared on and was written by Michael Spielman. Last week, I received an email query that is worth sharing. It comes from a young woman who says she believes abortion is murder but came across an online argument for abortion that she had a hard time refuting. She writes, “I don’t agree with […]