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One Mom Fights for Her Life and for Her Baby’s

In July of 1987, a mother nearly lost her life for her preborn child. She was 30 weeks pregnant with her son and began to severely hemorrhage. She went quickly to the hospital and discovered that because of a rare condition called placenta percreta, a condition in which her placenta was aggressively growing through her […]

My Almost Abortion Experience

This piece originally appeared on Secular Pro-Life’s blog and was written by Claudia Turcott. I looked at the plus sign on the pregnancy test in disbelief… This couldn’t be happening. Just a short month before, I’d been told by an ob/gyn that I would need fertility treatments to ever be able to conceive. I had been having […]

How Giving Her up for Adoption Changed me Forever

This piece originally appeared on Secular Pro-Life’s blog and was written by EN. It is hard to imagine a journey as beautiful as the one I’m going to tell you beginning in a stall in the ladies room at Target, but that is where I found out I was pregnant with my 4th child. There I sat, […]

A Letter to My Daughter’s Birthmother

This piece originally appeared on Secular Pro-Life’s blog and was written by Crystal Kupper. I’ve never met you. I don’t speak your language. We were born on opposite sides of the world, and in some ways on completely different planets. You’re both much older than me and my husband, both in years, and, I’m guessing, hard knocks. […]

When a Mother isn’t Prepared for Motherhood

I was unprepared for motherhood. By all appearances most anyone would have suspected I was ready. My pregnancy was no surprise. In fact we had been trying for quite a while to have a child and I wanted so much to be a mother. But I had no idea what was about to happen. I […]

What’s Mother’s Day Really Like for a Kid Without a Mom?

I have no idea where my mom lives. How do you wish your mom a happy Mother’s Day when you have no idea where she lives? Why did she decide that chasing a fourth marriage was more important than me? For so many kids out there, the word “mother” can be a painful one. I […]

Here’s Why Abortion is Racist

This article was originally printed at and was written by Chuck Colson.  Is abortion akin to genocide? That’s certainly the opinion of one African-American pastor. Last fall, I had the privilege to listen to a speech by Walter Hoye, one of the great African-American leaders of our era. His life and ministry offer some […]

New York Magazine is Right: Every Pregnancy Center is a Threat to Big Abortion

This piece was reprinted with permission from Pregnancy Help News and was written by Jay Hobbs.  Tune up the world’s smallest violin and get ready to bemoan the plight of the last remaining abortion business in Mississippi—which pays the rent by ending 2,300 unborn human lives every year. Tonight’s tiny-stringed orchestra conductor, New York Magazine, set off […]

Double Standards on Abortion and Animal Rights

This essay was reprinted with permission from Public Discourse: Ethics, Law and the Common Good and was written by Ligia De Jesus Castaldi. Abortion rights dogma can obscure human reason and harden the human heart so much that the same person who feels empathy for animal suffering can lack compassion for unborn children who experience […]

Can You Be a Christian and Support Abortion?

This article originally appeared on BreakPoint and was written by John Stonestreet &  G. Shane Morris Can you claim to be “born-again” when you won’t allow others to be born in the first place? Here’s how abortion strikes at the heart of the Christian faith. Catholics and evangelicals are often told how obsessed we are with […]

Here are the Real Reasons Women Have Abortions…

This article originally appeared on The Abort73 Blog and was written by Michael Spielman. Why do women have abortions? As important a question as that is, it’s hard to find a reliable answer. For more than a decade, the Guttmacher Institute has listed the same three reasons on their abortion fact sheet. Based on a 2004 […]