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Is Beyoncé Pro-Life? Celebrities Speak Out About Miscarriage

Beyoncé and other celebrities break the stigma of miscarriage By Katie Doryland  One in four women experiences a miscarriage each year. For women over the age of 40, the percentage goes up even more — to nearly 50 percent.  The physical and psychological effects can last for months or even years after it happens. According […]

Mother of Triplets was Pressured to Have a Selective Abortion

Live Action News — Tracey Kirby was shocked and excited when she learned she was pregnant with three boys—one singleton and a set of twins. But at 18-19 weeks, doctors found that the twins had twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, in which the blood vessels of the twins’ shared placenta are connected, resulting in one twin receiving too much […]

Born Premature at 22 Weeks, Identical Twins are Sharing the Truth About Abortion

Warning: This story contains images of the author’s children who were born prematurely. Live Action News — Heather Ellis and her husband, Josh, have always wished for children, but after their first son, Cason, was born, they struggled to get pregnant. Fertility drugs helped, and they were thrilled to discover they were expecting identical twin boys. However, […]

Here’s Why My Chemical Pregnancy Still Matters

Three years ago today I read the words, “I am so sorry,” from my OB-GYN in an email delivering my final set of blood test results. It was Saturday, November 1, 2014, and it was pouring rain outside. My husband and I found our hearts broken in a way we had hoped we never would. […]

Olympian Shawn Johnson Tells Her Husband—“I’m Sorry I Lost Your Baby”

Last week, Olympian Shawn Johnson and husband and NFL player Andrew East bravely shared about their heartbreaking miscarriage experience. Since then, millions have viewed their story and, as a result, thousands of women have come forward with their own miscarriage stories. One of the most common feelings following miscarriage is, as Shawn experienced, a feeling […]