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9 Facts You Need to Know if You’re Considering an Abortion

Live Action News — The pro-abortion lobby claims to be “pro-choice” — but a big part of choice (especially when experiencing an unplanned pregnancy) is having all the information to make an informed decision, especially when you are considering having an abortion. The choice to have an abortion is a monumental one, something life-changing for the […]

Pregnant and Feeling Alone? You’re Not. Here’s Where to Get Help.

Live Action News — An unplanned pregnancy often brings challenges; having no support makes those challenges a lot worse. If you’re pregnant and don’t know where to turn, you might feel like you’re on your own. Let’s fix that. First, check out pregnancy care centers and maternity homes. You can find one by visiting or by texting “Helpline” to […]

Today, 3,000 Lives Were Taken – Here’s What You Can Do About It

Did you know that nearly 3,000 abortions take place daily in the United States? Intentionally, 3,000 lives will be taken today. This morning, 3,000 women woke up, drove or were driven to the abortion clinic, and walked inside to terminate the lives of their unborn children. You may see them as heartless, cold, unfeeling. The […]

That Awkward Moment When Planned Parenthood Tries to Cover Up Their Racist Past

Live Action News – Yesterday, Planned Parenthood released its 2015-2016 annual report, five months later than usual. In it, it was found that – as in years past – health care services have decreased, while abortions have increased. The report also made sure to attack the Center for Medical Progress, claiming that its videos were “heavily edited” (a false […]