$35 a month will save a mother and her child from abortion!

64% of women who chose to abort said they felt pressured by others to do it.

There’s no “choice” when you’re pressured into having an abortion. We believe information is the most important part of empowering a mother to make a choice she won’t later regret. We partner with pregnancy centers to offer free ultrasounds to women who are pressured into abortion. The best part is that 4 out of 5 women who get on our Stork Buses, after being fully informed, choose life!

We estimate that $35 a month saves one mother and her child from abortion every year.

We emphasize the mother AND the child because we know abortion hurts so much more than just the baby. We’ve done the math and know that the cost of our buses divided by the number of women who choose life on our buses (32 per week) comes out to about $35 a month to save a stork (mom + baby).

We currently have 33 buses (another 20 in production) in communities all over the country serving women by offering free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, STD tests, and many other resources. We take pregnancy resources mobile so we can park outside of abortion clinics or universities where we know women are being pressured to make decisions they don’t like. We’re making the option of life impossible to ignore. Once women see their ultrasound and hear the heartbeat they understand the reality of their decision. One picture changes everything!

And Now I Choose Bus

Tam Hodge

Tam Hodge is a National Speaker and Author of And Now I Choose and Choosing To Change. Since the release of her first book, And Now I Choose, in 2014, Tam has had the privilege of traveling the country speaking at churches, conferences, and women’s events on the power of confession bringing freedom. Being a post-abortive woman Tam has experienced both the pain of and redemption from abortion and spends her time sharing her redemption journey with others, giving them hope for their own story. Tam has been featured on numerous podcasts, Christian Television Network documentaries, and ACLJ documentary.  Her most notable achievement has been raising her two children, Kassidi (22) and Dakota (20), being married to her husband Brent since 1990, and serving alongside him in full-time ministry for over 20 years. They all reside in Franklin, TN.


$35 a month will save a mother and her child from abortion!

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