Why Go Mobile

Why Go Mobile

We want to help you go mobile because we believe doing so is one of the most effective strategies for reaching abortion-vulnerable mothers.

We’ve seen it profoundly expand the reach and increase the impact of pregnancy centers all over the nation. These mobile pregnancy centers minimize the distance and roadblocks between you and the women who most need your services.

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OUR Commitments

A Commitment to High Quality

We conducted years of research and development to create a beautiful and innovative Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) to meet the needs of women in vulnerable pregnancies. We start with a Mercedes Sprinter bus and tailor the design to your specification. Efficiency is key. The Sprinter is the lowest-maintenance, highest-quality, most-environmentally-friendly, and cheapest-to-operate vehicle in its class.

A Commitment to Low Cost

Save the Storks makes quality affordable by raising funds and providing grants for our affiliated pregnancy centers. The average grant given to a Stork affiliate is around $30,000. This helps offset the cost of purchasing the MMU, and assists with operational expenses for the first year.

A Commitment to New Products

Going mobile is just one proven strategy for reaching abortion-vulnerable women. Please click here to learn more about other innovative and effective methods for reaching and serving women in need.

The Stork Bus

An exterior that invites expectant mothers inside. Every square inch of each Stork Bus is custom designed for you—right down to the exterior design, or “wrap.” Because the wrap is the first thing a pregnant mother sees as she approaches your unit, a good design makes the difference between whether she steps inside or not. We’ll put our expertise and our high-end designers to work for you to create the most inviting and welcoming wrap for the women in your community.

An interior you have to see to believe

When people step into a Stork Bus, they’re amazed at how beautiful it is. The interior design communicates professional functionality as well as maximum comfort to immediately put clients at ease. All Stork Buses are equipped with exam table, restroom, multiple seats for counseling, work space for sonogram machine and technician, multiple monitors for security, media inputs, internet connection, soft lighting, a mini refrigerator, air conditioning, and plenty of storage space. We’ve packed a lot in.

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