10 Year Timeline

Save the Storks Milestones

This 2022, we are celebrating a decade of lifesaving work! Look back on all the incredible milestones we have hit over the past ten years.

When Save the Storks was founded

Our mission for reaching abortion-minded women and saving lives began in September 2012. Save the Storks has celebrated its birthday on September 21st ever since!

First office

Save the Storks found its first home at 5585 Erindale Dr. It was a tiny office compared to the building we now occupy, but it was cozy and just what we needed at the time.

First employee

The first person to get on board Save the Storks was Marcie Little, a hardworking, dedicated, mission-minded employee, who became the leader for Colorado for Life. In our ten years, we have increased our team to 33 brilliant and courageous team members!

Stork Store opened

Our Stork Store opened in 2013 for our supporters to show off their Pro-Life pride! Since then, we have launched several campaigns with new merch and cool designs that men, women, and kids can wear confidently as Pro-lifers!

First bus – Several Sources Englewood, NY

Today, we are widely known for the Stork Bus: a medical mobile unit strategically located for pregnant women to have free ultrasounds and tests performed. We name many of our buses because each one plays a huge role in saving lives. Our first bus was Tracy, a mobile unit from Several Sources in Englewood, New York!

March for Life

Save the Storks became a reputable name in the pro-life movement, joining the biggest pro-life annual event, March for Life, every January since 2015. We’ve marched in person in Washington, DC and other cities for the past eight years!

10th Stork Bus

In just two years, we reached our 10th bus named Levi. From our first bus, Tracy in New York, we spread all the way across the States to Riverside, California, where Levi first lived before later being rehomed.

Current office @ DCC

Between 2013-2018, we transferred to three different locations around Colorado Springs and finally ended up at our home now at 4050 Lee Vance View where we enjoy an expansive view of the Rocky Mountains! After just one year, we moved to the third floor for the extra square footage needed to accommodate our growing team.

Stork Ball

We had our first Stork Ball in 2018––our 6th year as an organization––to celebrate Save the Storks’ milestones and the people who helped us achieve them. What we’re able to accomplish could not have been possible without the support and generosity of our partners and donors. The Stork Ball is our annual fundraising gala to share our goals in the year ahead and beyond!

Stork Fest

Stork Fest was by far the biggest event we’ve put on! Held at Glen Eyrie, a beautiful castle in Colorado Springs, the festival had family activities, a fun color run, and a concert headlined by 10th Avenue North.

50th bus

It was also in 2019 that we reached our 50th bus! Our golden milestone for Stork Buses actively on the road. This Stork Bus is named Debby Lyn and is the mobile unit for Coastal Pregnancy Care Center in Morehead City, North Carolina.

1st church partnership with a bus – Bridge Women’s Center, Old Bridge, NJ

One in four women who has an abortion is a regular church attendee. Our first church partnership to launch its own Stork Bus was Bridge Women’s Center in Old Bridge, New Jersey, under the leadership of Pastor Lloyd Pulley.

Worship on the Rocks

Save the Storks sponsored its first ever worship concert, Worship on the Rocks, held at the Red Rocks Amphitheater (Red Rocks Church) in 2019. This gathering featured artists such as Elevation Worship, Steffany Gretzinger, Sean Feucht, and Leeland, and had an attendance of over 9,000 people.


Our first pregnancy center intensive conference called Flyway was held in 2018 over five days with the purpose of equipping Executive Directors, Center Directors or CEOs of Pregnancy Resource Center Ministries with the tools and knowledge they need to reach more women and save lives. We held the conference virtually in 2020 due to the pandemic.

30-Day Devotional

Our 30-Day Devotional, Reimagining Pro-Life, was created for the Bible app (YouVersion) to guide believers in seeing the pro-life movement through a new lens. As an organization, it has always been our heart to address pro-life issues with compassion, to inspire hope and courage in women, and to be pro-LOVE and pro-solution. With this devo, we encourage others to embody the same values, understanding, and empathy.

Board Adopts Core Beliefs

2020 was a defining year for Save the Storks when our board of directors adopted our core beliefs: value of life, reality of abortion, educated choice, empowerment, and transformation.

1st Sidewalk Advocate Partnership – Southwest Coalition for Life (SCfL), El Paso, TX

Our first purely mobile affiliate was with Southwest Coalition for Life, a sidewalk counseling organization. In 2020, they had partnered with a local PRC to provide continuing care after a choice for life on a Stork Bus, which was also delivered to them in the same year.

Partner Program launched

At the beginning of 2021 we launched our Partner Program, catering to the needs of pregnancy resource centers across the country. To be recognized as a credible PRC, centers must meet certain criteria and medical standards. It is our greatest privilege to help elevate them to fully operating, certified status. Since then, we have signed over 35 new partnerships!

Innovator’s Summit

The Pro-life Innovators Summit is 3-day interactive conference empowering participants to turn their pro-life ministry plan into a reality. The weekend ends with a Shark Tank-like pitch session where each attendee presents their pro-life non-profit to a Review Board. Tracy Robinson (The Matter of Life documentary) and Beverly Jacobson (Verity’s Village) were our 2021 Innovator Summit Grant Winners!

Church program launched

We launched our Church Program in August 2021 to facilitate the needs of churches that were looking to get equipped in the pro-life movement. Our first church partner was Free Chapel, led by Pastor Jentezen Franklin. Since last year, we have supplied over 500 churches with resources to help reach women in their communities facing unplanned pregnancies or healing from past abortions.

Worship Night in San Diego

After sponsoring several successful worship events, Save the Storks put on its own Night of Worship entitled San Diego Under the Stars, featuring Christian music sensation Jordan St. Cyr at Legacy Resort & Spa. Since then, we have also hosted a worship night in our hometown of Colorado Springs!

1st book Unplanned Grace

Unplanned Grace: A Compassionate Conversation on Life and Choice was the first publishing effort from Save the Storks and has since been a vital resource for the pro-life movement. Written by two of our very own team members, Unplanned Grace has been endorsed by many prolific authors including bestselling author, Rick Warren.


We launched a marketing campaign in November 2021 to start a conversation online through the hashtag #MyBabyMyCareer. As a pro-life organization, we celebrate the privilege of motherhood and acknowledge that women can and should be both leaders and moms, without having to sacrifice one for the other.

New Mission Statement

During our last Town Hall meeting in December 2021, our CEO, Diane Ferraro and COO, Annie Tang Humphrey, introduced our new mission statement: “The mission of Save the Storks is to write a story of hope and empowerment for every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy.”

First PRC to be our first certified mobile partner – Smoky Mountain Pregnancy Care Center

Centers we’ve worked with prior to our Partner Program are considered affiliates, while centers that are currently going through our program to become certified are considered partners. Our first certified mobile partner to complete their action plan was Smoky Mountain Pregnancy Care Center in Franklin, North Carolina in February 2022.