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Church Partnership

Abortion and the Church

women were attending a Christian church at least once a month when they had their first abortion.
of church goers who have had an abortion say that no one at church knows about it.

But YOU can rise up and be a voice for the vulnerable.
We’re here to help you do it!

A First Aid Course for Pro-Life Ministry

This course is the START of pro-life ministry in your church! This FREE 2½ hour video course will equip your church to reach and serve a woman in an unplanned pregnancy and empower her to choose life.

Care Community

A Care Community is the “hand & feet” of pro-life ministry in your church. Care Communities are groups of families who rally around a woman in an unplanned pregnancy, or a new single mom, and provide her the strength, resources, and encouragement she needs to thrive.

Where Do We Begin?

Reimagining a Pro-Life Church

Our 30-day devotional, Reimagining Pro-Life, helps the church approach the issue of abortion not with judgment or politics, but with compassion and holistic care for women and their unborn children. It offers opportunities to engage those hurt by abortion with the hope and healing of the Gospel.

Unplanned Grace:

A Compassionate Conversation on Life and Choice

Unplanned Grace is my new favorite book on helping people understand why every life is sacred.”

-Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life

Save the Storks’ new book Unplanned Grace beautifully debunks those misunderstandings to help readers understand just how pro-woman the pro-life movement truly is. Writing not just from a “pro-birth” perspective but from a non-political “pro-abundant life” perspective, Unplanned Grace is an ideal resource for churches and individuals who want to make a difference in the pro-life movement.

The Matter of Life

Host a showing at your church

A powerful documentary on the history of abortion in the US, and the pro-life community’s response. If you would like to host a showing of The Matter of Life, please complete the interest form below.

Become a Storks Life Advocate

Any move of God depends on people in local churches who are passionate about serving and making a difference. Without these dedicated advocates, nothing would be accomplished! If you want to become a Storks Life Advocate in your local congregation, and be a leader for the cause of Life, fill out the interest form below and select “I want to be a Storks Life Advocate”.

Interest Form

I’d like to learn more about how my church community can reach more women.