Save the Storks believes that pro-life ministries have a great calling and are called to greatness.

Our new Partner Program flows out of our desire to not just provide a service, program, or mobile unit, but to holistically transform ministries into the greatness they have been called to. We’re not just in the Stork Bus ministry. We exist to strengthen the connection between the abortion vulnerable, and the front-line pro-life ministries called to serve them. We know the scope of that mission goes far beyond the front desk.

The Partner Program connects with front-line pro-life ministries that are centered on reaching women at their moment of decision, conducts a thorough evaluation of their ministry, and creates a comprehensive action plan for growth. But that’s just where the relationship begins. These centers become Partners of Save the Storks, and have access to ongoing trainings and ministry services.

All Storks provided services are at NO CHARGE to ministries becoming Partners of Save the Storks. Based on your needs and individualized Action Plan, these may include 
Save the Storks Endorsements_sm

“Save the Storks family, from the bottom all the way to the top, they have a standard that is above reproach. They make you feel like they’ve got your back, and they’re in the trenches with you. They welcomed and adopted us into their family as pregnancy centers in ways that we have never had before.”

Renee Gray: Executive Director. Cheyenne, WY

“Being affiliated with Save the Storks gives great leverage and opportunity. You not only get a great team back in Colorado Springs who’s accessible and available, but they're drawing on experiences in real time with other centers throughout the nation.”

Nick Emery: Executive Director. Carson City, NV

“Save the Storks adopted us. So we are not by ourselves. I always think of us being a part of a beautiful team that together we’re making abortion unthinkable.”

Mariana Vera: Executive Director. Silver Springs, MD

“We feel the love, we feel the support, and if anybody has trouble trying to figure out where to go or what’s next - definitely call the Storks.”

Tamra Axworthy: Executive Director. Pueblo, CO

“Save the Storks cares about what you are doing, and you know that from the very beginning. You know that they care about your mission. And they’re always there ready, willing to answer questions, willing to take the time to really understand your issues. They’re just an email or a phone call away.”

Crystal Regan: Executive Director. Denver, NC

Fill out this short application and a member of our team will reach out to you promptly!


What kind of ministries can become Partners?

Partners consist of front-line pro-life ministries that are focused on reaching abortion-vulnerable women at their moment of decision, desire to be medical, and are committed to excellence and growth. These can include Pregnancy Centers, Sidewalk Advocates, Mobile Ministries, and other life-minded ministries. Not sure? Reach out to us!

Do I have to have a Stork Bus to be a Partner?

No! Partners’ do not need to have a mobile ministry, and if they are a mobile center, it doesn’t need to be built by Save the Storks. While Stork Mobile Units are the most effective mobile ultrasound vehicle on the market, we want to partner with mobile centers of all kinds and help them to achieve a similar level of excellence.

What if I want a Stork Bus?

If your center is wanting to launch a mobile ministry program those steps will be included in your Action Plan.

How long does partnership last?

Your partnership renews on yearly basis.

Are there any fees associated with partnership?

All Storks provided services are at NO CHARGE to centers becoming Storks Partners. Partners are required to send in one story, and a brief statistic sheet monthly.

What happens to our partnership if we have a leadership change?

Partnership exists between Save the Storks and your center. As long as the leadership of your center remains committed to reaching abortion-vulnerable women and intentional growth we welcome your center to remain partnered with Save the Storks.

How long does it take to become a partner?

Each Action Plan is individualized for each partner, so times greatly differ. Generally, we expect Action Plans to take 6 to 18 months to complete.

What if we can’t complete our Action Plan, or need to take a break?

We recognize that the unexpected can happen. Let us know if you need to take a break, and we can pick back up where you left off in your Action Plan when you are ready.

Where do I start?!

The first step is to fill out our Interest Application