Five Adoptive Parents That Might Surprise You

Five People You May Not Have Known Were Adoptive Parents

In honor of National Adoption Month, our Fast Five post for this Friday features five people who have adopted children. Adoption is a wonderful way of changing a person’s life and showing them the love of God. It is also an important way for pro-life advocates to live out our convictions. It is important for us to be involved in adoption, either by adopting children ourselves or by supporting those who have. Without further ado, here’s this week’s Fast Five!

Babe Ruth
George Herman ‘Babe’ Ruth is often credited with saving baseball, but he not only impacted America’s pastime — he also impacted the lives of a few special children in a very important way. Many people know that the ‘Sultan of Swat’ was adopted as a child by the Brothers of St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys and that it is there where he discovered his love and talent for baseball. What is not as commonly known, however, is that he was an adoptive parent himself.

Ruth adopted his two daughters named Dorothy and Julia in 1921 and 1928, respectively. The kindness which Babe Ruth received as a child went beyond himself and extended to Dorothy and Julia.

Ben Stein
A staunch pro-life advocate, a talented actor, and an influential political commentator, Ben Stein has certainly had a hand in changing this country for the better. Through his documentary ‘Expelled’ and other platforms, Stein has frequently been a voice for the unborn. In 1987 Stein and his wife, Alexandra, adopted their son Tommy. Through adoption Ben Stein put his pro-life advocacy into action in a way that changed Tommy’s life for the better.

Walt Disney
Perhaps best known as the man who gave us Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney has influenced the lives of children the world over. Disney personalized his influence on children by adopting a child of his own. Disney and his wife Lillian suffered a tragic miscarriage, and also had complications when giving birth to their daughter Diane. These events led them to adopt their daughter Sharon.

It is clear that Disney’s wonderful love for children influenced more than just his cartoons.

Dan Marino
One of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time and the second ball player to make our list, Dan Marino is also known for his accomplishments off of the playing field. Along with his other charitable work, Marino founded the Dan Marino Foundation in 1992 to raise awareness for autism, following the diagnosis of their son, Michael. Along with their four biological children, Daniel, Michael, Joseph, and Alexandra, Marino and his wife, Claire, also adopted two girls, Lia and Nikki, from China. As impressive as winning playoff games can be, Marino’s greatest achievements haven’t been on the playing field, but in the home.

Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan is largely considered one of the best presidents that America has ever had. He was a prominent voice for the pro-life community and also an adoptive parent. In his first marriage, Reagan had two biological children, Maureen and Christine (who passed away shortly after birth), and one adopted son, Michael. In his second marriage, with Nancy, Reagan had two more children, Patti and Ron. Adding to Reagan’s connection to adoption, Nancy Reagan was an adopted child herself. Through adoption, Reagan lived out his pro-life convictions in a tangible way.

Who on this list particularly inspires you? Do you have any heroes who are adoptive parents?