As I sat in my office watching the Tucker Carlson interview with Dawn Laguens, Vice President and Chief Brand Officer of Planned Parenthood, I was shocked to see a senior executive of Planned Parenthood quite literally unable to answer the questions posed to her.

Invited to discuss the GOP’s health care plan’s intent to cut funding over abortion services, perhaps more alarming than the dubious rhetoric from Ms. Laguens, was her attempt to frame a narrative that Planned Parenthood themselves disavowed just last week.

Let’s take a look at what that narrative is.

Planned Parenthood has long espoused that their services are indispensable to communities all across America, particularly low-income communities. They state that to cut off federal money from their organization would greatly hurt and hinder millions of people from accessing health care.

Their own website states:

In her interview, Ms. Laguens continues the same line of rhetoric, at one point saying, “One and a half million people are at risk of losing access to cancer screenings, STD testing and treatment, and birth control because of this plan by Paul Ryan and Donald Trump to take that care away.”

“To take that care away.” she says.

Interestingly enough, President Trump, unlike many in his party, wishes to continue funding Planned Parenthood’s health services. So much so, he offered them total and complete federal funding if they would cease offering abortions.

But Planned Parenthood rejected that offer last week.

Then last night, Planned Parenthood’s Vice President and Chief Brand Officer, tried to frame the conversation that Planned Parenthood’s health care is vital to millions of people. Yet Planned Parenthood no longer can have a conversation about the necessity of their health care anymore because President Trump offered them a way to continue fully providing their health care to communities – by not offering abortions.

But Planned Parenthood rejected this offer because their mission is abortion. With this, the American people are beginning to see that Planned Parenthood’s mission is not health care for the needy, but an abortion-driven agenda.

Let me explain.

Planned Parenthood says in one year they serve 2.5 million people, 300k of whom receive abortions. Is only offering abortions to 300k people a year, more important than serving the needs of the other 2.2 million people a year who don’t need abortions? 

If Planned Parenthood is truly concerned about serving the needs of women and men, especially those from the low income communities, they wouldn’t hesitate to stop offering abortions.

But they won’t. They would rather sacrifice the needs of 2.2 million people to serve their abortion-driven agenda.

Planned Parenthood’s tagline is “Care. No matter what.”

But sacrificing the health needs of 2.2 million people for an abortion driven agenda is not “Care. No matter what.” That is, quite literally, “Abortion. No matter what.”

Abortion. No matter the number of women and men who go without health care.
Abortion. No matter how many need cancer screenings.
Abortion. No matter how many need STI testing and treatment.
Abortion. No matter how many communities lose health services.
Abortion. No matter how many low income people can’t afford health care.

Abortion. That’s Planned Parenthood’s business. Not health care. Not compassion. Not the poor. Not the needy. Abortion.

Any organization that puts their personal agenda before the health care needs of millions of women and men by no means deserves to receive a single federal dollar.

Because I’m pro-woman, I believe that all women deserve to get the best health care possible. And it’s because I’m pro-woman, that I believe Planned Parenthood should be defunded and money should be quickly reallocated to organizations whose number one priority is caring for women. 

If you love the women in your life, then you too should be concerned that Planned Parenthood receives federal dollars. The largest anti-woman and anti-community organization in our nation has just proven to the American people that abortion is more important than the millions of women and men in need of health care.

That is not a political position. That is a pro-woman fact.



Josh is the founding CEO of a nonprofit that is working to change the national conversation about pregnancy. In between networking, writing articles, and brainstorming new ideas, he enjoys drinking coffee, planning events, and traveling with Save the Storks.