Shelby’s Story

The following story comes from Real Choices Pregnancy Medical Clinic in Grapevine, TX.

Shelby stared at me in disbelief, insisting that she absolutely could not be pregnant. She lifted up her shirt to reveal a fit stomach and then slumped back onto the leather exam table.

Shelby came to us to get a free pregnancy test. She had missed her period and had begun to worry. As she waited for the result, she told me how busy she had been studying for medical school and working almost full-time. She had a plan for her life and a baby wasn’t in the cards right now. 

When her pregnancy test came out positive, everything was turned upside-down. I offered to give her a free ultrasound, so she leaned back on the exam table. As a baby appeared on the screen, Shelby’s face showed fear and uncertainty.

She had already booked the initial appointment at the abortion clinic, sharing that because her family was very traditional an unplanned pregnancy would be a disgrace. 

I told Shelby about the many risks, both physical and emotional, that might accompany an abortion. I also reassured her that if she kept her baby she wouldn’t be alone in her pregnancy and that Real Choices would be able to offer resources to her in her time of need.

After a few weeks, Shelby made the decision to parent her child. We were able to provided her with continual support including regular follow-up appointments and advice, such as how she might tell her family about the pregnancy, how to apply for affordable insurance, and how to find referrals for doctors in her area.

To Shelby’s surprise, her parents became her biggest supporters, and with their help she was able to stay in medical school. She and I stayed in such close contact throughout her pregnancy that she invited me to the meet-and-greet after her baby was born!

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