Eight Kids, No Job, and the Bus that Changed Everything

The following story comes from Women’s Choice Center in Bettendorf, IA.

I found out I was pregnant about two months ago. With eight children, no job, and a boyfriend serving time in prison, this news didn’t come easy. I was excited to meet my child but had no idea how I would raise nine children on my own. My life was challenging enough as it was.

Several weeks ago my sister came over, eager to tell me about a place where I could receive help with my pregnancy. She told me about this mobile medical unit where nurses provide free ultrasounds and pregnancy tests, as well as other resources for moms and children.

I couldn’t believe they would offer all of these things totally free of charge. I had never heard of such a thing.

With my past pregnancies, it was very difficult for me to make it to my appointments. I didn’t have reliable transportation and I could rarely find someone to watch my kids. I wasn’t even able to schedule an appointment with my doctor for this pregnancy due to the amount of no-shows I had on my record.

I felt hopeless and extremely alone, until my sister shared this with me.

We drove to the mobile unit the following week. I was eager to receive care for my pregnancy, but I was also very skeptical. Why would they want to give me these things for free? Would they want something from me in return?

The moment I stepped onto the Stork Bus, my doubts vanished. I was embraced with love and compassion by the nurse and counselor on board. They listened to my concerns and fears with sympathy.

They offered to give me an ultrasound for absolutely free. I laid down on the reclining leather seat and the nurse put the ultrasound wand to my belly. An image of my baby popped up on the screen. I had been under the impression that my baby was around fourteen weeks, but the nurse told me that I was actually at seventeen weeks! I couldn’t believe how large and active it was.

I was so excited about my baby, but I was still really concerned about how I would actually parent nine children. The counselor told me about a ton of great resources I could take advantage of during and after my pregnancy. She told me about classes and programs I could enroll in. They even sent me home with diapers, wipes, and formula for my two youngest children. I wish this bus had been around for my other pregnancies!

I am so grateful for the information and gifts they gave me. I left feeling empowered and excited to be a better mom to all of my children.

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