Part Trucker, Part Baby Rescuer – My Life as A Storks Driver

This piece was written by Logan Williams.

Part trucker. Part baby rescuer. That’s how I fancy myself—an unfettered hombre on the open road, hauling a whole heap of culture of life from one town to the next, en route to a destiny of hope.

Over the last seven months I have driven well over 10,000 miles across 19 states showing Storks mobile medical units at 68 different PRCs, churches, schools, and pro-life events.

I have met those rescued from abortion, those who have rejected abortion, and those recovering from abortion. I have seen God’s provision for life firsthand. I have been awestruck by divine appointments. I have stories for days about love and compassion in action.

What I do is life-giving, and here are the top three highlights.

1.     I get to meet my heroes.

As much as I find personal significance in my roving role as a Stork unit delivery man, I’m always impressed and inspired by the men and women I encounter working out redemption on a daily basis. These are people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and enter into inconvenient, even desperate circumstances.

These are people like Charlene who brought her four-year-old son Carter along for a tour of the Stork unit I had with me in Crawfordsville, IN.

Little did I know that encounter was only possible because Carter’s birthmother had been served by the PRC at which Charlene worked. So taken by Charlene’s compassion as she counseled her, this young woman had ventured to ask if she would be willing to adopt her unborn child. Four years later Carter is enjoying a massage chair on a vehicle built to multiply miraculous stories like his.

If anyone ever tells you that pro-life advocates do not care about children after they’re born or that we’re simply “pro-birth,” kindly escort them on a visit to your local pregnancy resource center. Chances are you’ll introduce them to someone amazing.

2.     I drive a Mercedes-Benz.

If you had told me as a college freshman that in my twenties I would be putting thousands of miles on a Benz, I would have asked whether my wealth would come from a long-lost relative or misappropriated student loans. I had not dreamed of a path to soon be driving luxury vehicles daily – much less as a chauffeur to human dignity.

Stork Mobile Medical units are nice, like limousine nice. That’s been Joe Baker’s goal from day one. One of his favorite phrases, “Extravagance is an expression of love,” calls to mind the lavish treatment God gives to those He welcomes into His family.

Like the prodigal preparation of the fatted calf, the quality with which our MMUs are designed and assembled extends an unconditional embrace in celebration of the Imago Dei—the image of God—in both a mother and her child.

Save the Storks is on a mission to communicate value, and a hugely important part of that is made possible by the vital, sacrificial, beautiful generosity of our partners. If you’re interested in helping us accomplish that mission, you can click here for more info.

3.      Living pro-life fills me with life.

Being a Storks driver is, without a doubt, the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. Loneliness is pulverized and lives are saved on the units I get to deliver. It’s humbling, motivating, enlightening, and invigorating. There are thrills to be sure.

There are also small pleasures in the day-to-day: finally learning how to spell Albuquerque,  having my Nebraskan mind blown by Mississippi corn fields sprouting in late October, hearing the story of how glass doors from Terminator Salvation made their way into a PRC’s remodeled office space.

The most meaningful moments of all occur when I get to share those stories with people I know and love. These are moments that you don’t have to drive across the country to experience.

Anyone can have a dinner table conversation about the value of just one person. Anyone can take the Christlike step of familiarizing oneself with the potential for healing and activity of rescue around them.

At the end of 2016 I had the privilege of showing off a Stork unit and sharing our bold vision at several places around my hometown. Everywhere I’ve gone on my trips the people I’ve met have prayed for the safety and success of the unit that I was driving. No prayers, however, have been more heartwarming than the simple ones I heard from the 8th graders from the school I grew up going to.

If you’re interested in a life as a trucker who empowers women and saves lives, click here. If you can do anything else to save more storks, do it. 

Anyone can contribute to a culture of life.


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