“Dear Connie:” An Open Letter to Charlie Gard’s Mother as She Mourns Her Son’s Fate

Dear Connie,

You don’t know me, but I, along with millions all over the world, have been waiting with baited breath to know the outcome of Charlie’s story.

I’ve watched your strength, your fierce love for your son on display for the world to see. I’m not a mother, but I have a niece or nephew on the way and I can’t imagine the ache and loss you must feel. As dark as the days behind you seem, I know there are still darker days ahead as you journey through the valley of the shadow of death.

Your pain is unimaginable, the loss unbearable. As Charlie’s days come to a close, all your dreams for him must be laid to rest as well. Your questions about who he would become, what he’d do with his life, all end in a nightmarish answer.

But his life was a miracle and touched millions. The whole world watched as you and Chris fought fiercely for Charlie for months against corrupt systems and people. Millions signed the petitions, millions prayed for you, and millions mourn with you now as you face unbearable loss.

As you consider the impact of Charlie’s too-short life, I hope you see how beautiful it was.

I hope you see the hope you, Chris, and Charlie instilled in others through your love for each other.

I hope you see how his fight encouraged others to fight for their lives against all odds.

I hope you see the inspiration you gave to other parents in your position of the kind of strength a parent’s love shows to children.

I want you to know Charlie’s life was valuable.

I know there are blurry, numb days ahead for you as you prepare to say goodbye to Charlie. “Hope deferred makes the heart sick,” and I pray you have time and space for your heart to heal from all the times your hope for Charlie was deferred. Now that hope for Charlie’s life is over, a new reality sets in, seeming bleak and uncertain.

Though his struggle and battle is over, in many ways yours is just beginning. Your life and heart have been consumed for months with Charlie and his life, and now it’s your heart you must care for.

As you grieve and pack away the reminders of Charlie’s life – his crib, his toys, books, blankets, and trinkets, I hope you pause to ponder the sweet memories of his life that give you comfort – the kisses, the smiles, the giggles, and the wakeful nights.

And as you do, know that Charlie has left this world more inspired to fight for those closest to us, to those we love the most. The world cheered you and Chris and Charlie on, and now we stand back in grief for you. Surely God is near to the brokenhearted and not far from those who call out to Him through the name and promise of His Son. I pray you know His comfort in these days, and can rest in His strength and the knowledge Charlie’s life was not without purpose.


While Charlie Gard’s parents have tragically lost their battle for their son’s life, it’s not too late to stand for life. Since 1973, nearly 60 million lives have ended in abortion and we won’t stand idly by. Join the movement by staying up-to-date on important news and learn more about how you can get involved!

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