BREAKING: “The Bachelor” Reveals Humanity of Life in the Womb and People are Mad

In the midst of its controversies and scandals, the spin-off reality show, Bachelor in Paradise, has resulted in two happy marriages and now, two new lives. Jade and Tanner Tolbert, who met on season one of the show, welcomed their little girl into the world on August 17th, and the recently married Carly and Evan Bass of season two announced they are expecting last night.

Carly and Evan seemed like an unlikely couple in the beginning, but now appear to be happily in love and overjoyed to be welcoming a little girl into their family. Last night, on a pre-taped, studio episode with host Chris Harrison, the couple received a twelve-week ultrasound, revealing their perfectly formed baby.

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Mainstream media has been trained by Planned Parenthood to refer to a baby as a “fetus” or a “clump of cells,” however, last night the ultrasound technician referred to Carly and Evan’s child as what it truly is, a “baby.”

The couple eagerly watched the screen as the technician pointed out the head, the face, and the heartbeat. The baby even began jumping around and wiggling her arms and legs. For those who watched, there was no denying that this is a living human being, perfectly formed for its stage of life.

Carly confessed, “I’m still so in awe that this happened. I mean I froze my eggs because I didn’t think this would be an easy task. And like the fact that this happened and it’s in there moving!” She described her as their “little miracle baby,” saying she was made through love and is “already so loved.”

Whether you like it or not, Bachelor in Paradise is influencing culture. With over five million viewers watching from home, we can be grateful the show took a break from its drama to focus on what matters most–life.

Of course, however, the largely pro-choice audience had something to say about this. Bustle author Lindsay Denninger wrote,

“Carly and Evan met on television, and they got married on television, so it doesn’t surprise me that they would announce that they’re pregnant on television, too. It just goes with the territory. What I didn’t expect was that Carly would let a national television audience look inside of her body. But that was what happened, and I was simultaneously horrified and in awe. We as viewers know everything there is to know about the Bachelor Nation contestants we watch on the franchise, but I didn’t need to know what the inside of Carly’s uterus looked like. At least not without buying her dinner first.”

While this is ridiculous, it’s not super surprising, considering Bustle constantly pushes the pro-choice agenda on its readers, except for when the woman’s choice involves showing the world her unborn child.

As seen last night, there is power in an ultrasound image, especially when a woman is considering abortion. In fact, 78% of women who see an ultrasound of their child, end up keeping their baby (NIFLA).

Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood only rarely offers ultrasounds unless it is part of an abortion procedure, and when they do, they charge up to $700. This is because when a woman sees her child, she sees the truth–that the baby is not just a clump of cells, but a life that has already begun.

So thank you, Bachelor Nation, for showing five million viewers what Planned Parenthood neglects to show women every day. Who knows if lives were saved just from tuning in.

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