Save the Storks Responds to Miley Cyrus’ Planned Parenthood Cake in Instagram Post

Miley Cyrus’ Planned Parenthood Collaboration & Cake

When one of the world’s most famous celebrities, with over 100 million Instagram followers and a self-proclaimed supporter of women’s rights, shared a post that blatantly contradicts the rights of a woman, Save the Storks had no choice but to respond.

Staying true to our mission and values, we responded with love and compassion in our own Instagram post that featured our staffer’s precious baby girl, a fabulous “Celebrate Life” cake made by one of our supporters, and words of encouragement to women.

Miley Cyrus’ Planned Parenthood Instagram post read “Abortion is Healthcare.” The cake was beautiful, full of sprinkles and pink icing. The message, however, was disheartening and included “Very special collab with @PPFA, an expletive about freedom, and #womensrightsarehumanrights.”

Miley Cyrus Planned Parenthood
Miley Cyrus’ Planned Parenthood Instagram Post

The Response

The Instagram post by Save the Storks read: “Women’s rights begin in the womb! Very special collab with moms who’ve chosen life. Like if you believe in healthcare for ALL – including the pre-born” and the following female-affirming hashtags: #EmpoweredWomenEmpowerWomen #StrongWomenStartAsStrongGirls #ProLove #ProWoman #ProLife


Miley Cyrus has talent, to be sure. She certainly paid her dues as a child actress and singer on the Disney Channel as Hannah Montana. Our concern is that she’s not aware of the impact she’s made on the millions of fans who idolized her growing up. Fans who now look to her as the voice for women. Miley, daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, speaks about equality for all and rights for women. The power of a celebrity in today’s culture doesn’t stop at hairstyles and fashion, however. Save the Storks believes that the real choice for women is to know all options, including the choice to raise the child or to choose an adoption plan for the baby.

A person with her huge platform owes the public the truth about what it means to be pro-woman. We invite Miley to do her homework and educate herself about what Planned Parenthood doesn’t do to support women. Planned Parenthood has sadly been misinforming the public for decades. If you support this organization, please, do your research. Dig deep and look past the glamorous star-studded red carpet events and the millions Planned Parenthood spends on advertising. They are persuasive thanks to their major funding. Planned Parenthood receives over $600 million a year from taxpayers and has assets in excess of $2 billion. (Reported on 2019 annual report.)

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We hope this article enlightened and inspired you to stand up for life.

Despite the overturning of Roe v. Wade, abortions are still prevalent in our nation. As a response to the overturning, the media: from the news to entertainment sources to even political figures and celebrities, have pushed abortion as an ongoing agenda, shaping the way this generation thinks and acts. Misinformation is being spread every day, and people are sadly believing the lies.

Our articles and stories aim to tell one thing: the truth.

We know that it is both a blessing and a challenge to understand the reality of abortion, because knowledge incites belief, and belief incites action. But we’re in this together. We believe that we can make abortion unthinkable.

With your support, we look forward to a future where young women are empowered to fight for their own rights: a right to bring life into the world, to be fearless leaders, to be examples of hope, strength, and undeterred resilience. We look forward to a future where life can happen.

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We aim to create a culture that views “pro-life” as equivalent to having empathy and compassion, providing holistic care (before and beyond pregnancy) and education, and most importantly, choosing to speak and act in love. We are pro-life, pro-love, pro-woman, pro-solution.

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