The Ben Shapiro Abortion Debate Continues

Ben Shapiro holds his stance against abortion at the University of British Columbia and March for Life

By Katie Doryland

Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro is not one to hold back when it comes to abortion arguments and defending the unborn. Shapiro is quick to counter and shut down common pro-choice arguments while also defending life with truth and grace.  

In 2018, Shapiro spoke for the University of British Columbia’s Free Speech Club. When he was told by a student “I think there are two things that make life valuable. Consciousness…and personal identity” Ben was quick to respond. 

That’s not sense of identity. Rats can do that. 

Shapiro said, “That’s the thing about having a baby, it’s a process of development. There’s a period in this human life when that child does not… have consciousness and does not have a sense of identity. But in nine months it will have consciousness.” He went on to remind the student that babies don’t have a sense of identity for many months after they are born. The student made a statement that because babies can recognize their parents’ voices after birth they have a sense of identity. Shapiro responded saying, “That’s not sense of identity. Rats can do that.”

At the 2019 March for Life, Shapiro did a live broadcast of his popular podcast, “The Ben Shapiro Show” where he devoted an hour to stand for and defend life. During his talk, Shapiro commented on the likelihood of mainstream media labeling the pro-life as a theological stance rather than the sheer, unadulterated science of human life position that pro-lifers believe.  

Ben Shapiro Destroys Argument That Fetus is Not a Human Life - Abortion Debate - Save the Storks blog
Ben Shapiro Destroys Argument That Fetus is Not a Human Life

Ben Shapiro: Abortion is not justified just because one human life is dependent on another for survival. 

Throughout the hour-long live broadcast, Shapiro countered many pro-choice arguments and talking points. One common argument is viability and whether pre-born babies have a right to life because they cannot live on their own.  

Shapiro said, the viability argument that if you are dependent on another human being to help you live then you are not a human life…doesn’t hold.” He uses the point that many babies, toddlers, young children and even elderly adults are dependent on others to survive. Needing others to aide in survival by no means justifies the killing of that person.  

He later went on to say that yes, parenting is in fact difficult, “because [raising children is] the most important thing we do in life…there is nothing moral about the idea that you think you’ll be a bad parent, so you get to kill the child.”  (emphasis added) 

When it comes to defending life and the unborn, Ben Shapiro’s views on abortion will not falter.   

Watch the full speech here.

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